Why should you invest in the robot palletizer?

Robot Palletizer

We are applying automation to production activities day by day. Automatic palletizing is one typical example. Therefore, Robot Palletizer has become a practical choice for factories and facilities with diverse product scales.

The necessity of the Robot Palletizer

Automatic palletizing has replaced human in many manufacturing facilities or factories. However, these automated systems do not use robots. They use:

  • Conveyor
  • Lifting table.
  • The serial mechanical structure.

==> in order to adjust the stacked goods, which is often called Layer -Palletizer. Layer Palletizer has difficulty queuing mixed loads. Not only that, it has a frame area that takes up a lot of space. This is inconvenient for many manufacturing plants, facilities or distribution centers while still manually queuing for products.

Robot Palletizer

In some cases, factories and facilities do not have enough space and money for the Layer Palletizer system. In addition, the size and variety of product packaging will also make it difficult for the Layer Palletizer system. Robot  Palletizer was born, making great strides for the application. Bring practical benefits of queuing by Robot. And it becomes a perfect choice for factories and facilities with diverse product sizes, typically small spaces.

So, what is the Robot Palletizer system?

Robot Palletizer

It is not just a robot arm that is used to queue pallets. Robot Palletizer system includes conveyor in / out, inspection, removal, safety barrier, automatic pallet feeding system or sometimes including PE film wrapping machine.

The programmable robot arm, along with signals from the sensor system allow folding and stacking products on a pallet in layer through mechanical tool mounted on the flange of the Gripper.

Depending on the size and speed of the robot arm, it can work with 1, 2, 3 or 4 inputs.

Benefits of palletizing by robots

Save space

Robot Palletizer

Palletizer Robot does not occupy much space compared to conventional queuing machines. Therefore, they are widely used in small-scale facilities. Especially where there is limited space.

Installing the Palletizing Robotic system can save considerable space. Businesses can take advantage of the remaining space to use for other purposes.

Modular design

Palletizing robots are much more modular than traditional forms of automated palletizing. Most robot arms are self-contained, suitable for smaller areas. They have multiple robotic arms that can work simultaneously on the same product line. Not only that, they can work on different product lines. Besides, it is also possible to switch programs for different products along with flexible pallet sizes on request.


Robot Palletizer

Due to the modular nature, the Robot Palletizer system can meet the needs of expansion or service of new product lines.

System integration capabilities

Robot Palletizer

Integrating the Robot Palletizing system into spaces and production processes is relatively easy. Because they are standalone systems (expandable to AGV systems – self-propelled transport vehicles, WMS – warehouse management systems).