Which solutions help the animal feed industry in Vietnam develop further more?

Which solutions help the animal feed industry in Vietnam develop further more?

Science and technology, especially the successful applications of the 4.0 era technologies, are directly affecting many processes in the production, distribution, and management of the animal feed industry. So, what is the solution to help the animal feed industry in Vietnam develop more? This is the question being asked in the current context.

Productivity in production always has potential uncertainties

The imbalance between production and consumption in the market has made the finished product’s value higher than that of imported products of the same type.

Therefore, in order to develop the animal feed production industry in the direction of industrialization, concentration, and specialization on the basis of application of advanced technology, productivity, and high quality, it is necessary to promote the application of scientific advances, learning new techniques, high technology into production, especially in the packaging of animal feed at the factory.

Solutions to help develop the animal feed industry

However, Vietnam is a country with a rough production of products, so the packaging process is cumbersome and complicated, consuming a lot of resources when it has to use a lot of manual labor. In addition, due to the ability to apply science and technology, mechanization in agriculture is still modest, leading to unstable productivity, but still requires high operating and management costs.

=> Hao Phuong, based on practical experience of 16 years of formation and development, with the mission of “Pioneer to solve challenges in the 4.0 industrial era”, researched, developed and launched Open Mouth Robot Bagging Automation, abbreviated as OMBA – Solution to help develop the animal feed industry.

Introduction of OMBA fully automatic double layer bagging system

The benefits of using an automatic bagging system (OMBA)

The OMBA robot works automatically instead of traditional workers, increasing working efficiency many times, and can be completely applied on existing bagging lines, thereby making full use of conveyors and Bag sewing equipment is available to optimize costs.

In addition, an automatic bagging system (OMBA) offers other benefits, such as:

  • Reduce labor costs.
  • Reduce the task of managing people in the production process.
  • Improve product quality and uniformity.
  • Connect all production stages to enterprise management software (ERP).

Outstanding features of automatic bagging robot OMBA

  • Fully automatic.
  • Suitable for bags: 5 – 50 kg.
  • Pick up bags automatically.
  • Compatible with all closed dual systems.
  • Low engine room.
  • Compact design optimizes floor space.
  • Productivity up to 8 -12 bags per minute.
  • It is possible to integrate automatic sewing of the mouth of the bag.
  • Control screen of Mitsubishi, Siemens, AB PLC.
  • Robot with 6 steps of Yaskawa, KUKA.
  • Holder clamp mechanism on the robot arm.

With more than 16 years of experience, and the spirit of constantly learning, researching, and creating, a team of experienced engineers. Hao Phuong confidently brings to businesses and factories a modern system model, quality, productivity, and stable operation.