Which brand’s intermediate relay should we buy?

Which brand's intermediate relay should we buy?

Intermediate relay is not only diversified in models but also in brand names. Not every relay is good and meets customers’ expectations. So which brand’s relay is good? Where is the place that you should trust and buy those intermediate relays?

Types of intermediate relay on the market

On the market today, there are many different types of intermediate Relay:

  • European-origin brands: Schneider.
  • Japanese brands: Idec, Omron, Fuji, …
  • Korean-origin brands: Hanyoung, Youngsung, …
  • Chinese, Taiwanese brands: Taiwan Meter, Kacon, …

The reason you should choose Idec‘s Intermediate Relay

  • A quality brand from Japan.
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Superior quality compared to most common relay lines on the market.
  • Material on the device surface is designed to reduce the possibility of external light reflection.
  • Reasonable price.

Where to buy Relay Idec?

Hao Phuong is the supplier of Idec’s high-quality relay in the market. Idec relay has been exclusively distributed by Hao Phuong for nearly 15 years. We guarantee quality products, clear origin, … Besides, there is a clear warranty policy, enthusiastic and thoughtful support.

Come to us, you will be completely assured because:

  • Hao Phuong is the leading industrial system integrator in Vietnam.
  • Hao Phuong is currently an importer and distributor of industrial electrical equipment with major brands in the world such as IDEC, FUJI ELECTRIC, TOGI, KANSAI, NICHIFU, CIRCUTOR, HONEYWELL, TAIWAN METTERS, Bin Master, …
  • We have agents and shops throughout the provinces and cities across the country.

Why should you choose RN and RU relay of Idec that distributed by Hao Phuong?

Supporting policies

  • Technical advice for customers 24/24.
  • “1 for 1” Exchange policy within 7 days.
  • 12-month warranty policy

Price policies

  • Provide reasonable and competitive
  • Promotion policies and after-sales services for customers.

Certification & commitment

Certification and commitment

  • Idec relay has been exclusively distributed since 2006 by Hao Phuong Company.
  • On average, there are more than 200,000 products are consumed annually.
  • The number of defective products is almost zero.
  • Present in most industrial zones throughout the country.

If you have any questions, please contact the Hotline: 18006547 for support and advice as soon as possible.