What’s new in Hao Phuong’s Profile 2019?

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Hao Phuong sincerely thanks our customers and partners for their support and trust in our products during the past years.

Hao Phuong would like to send to you the 2019 Hao Phuong profile

Hao Phuong Profile 2019 helps customers and partners have a comprehensive view of Hao Phuong at the present time.

2019  Hao Phuong Profile has some changes on:


To date, the number of Hao Phuong employees is 300, an increase of more than 100 employees compared to 2018. Besides, the warehouse area increased from 700m2 to 3000m2. 2018 is the year marking an important change from the limited model to a company. This is also the premise for Hao Phuong to always firmly conquer the path of development.

introduction hao phuong

Equipment business

In addition to distributing key equipment Fuji Electric, IDEC, Taiwan Metters, Circutor, … Hao Phuong also distributes products of many famous brands in the world such as Binmaster, Takigen, Danfoss, …

Lĩnh vực kinh doanh thiết bị

Introduction to e-commerce

Hao Phuong has a difference in e-commerce products on https://beeteco.com. It is the e-commerce site of 36 famous brands in the world. Customers can order and view products on this page.

Website thương mại điện tử

Strategic partnership

Currently, Hao Phuong has 36 strategic partners. In the future, there will be more partners to meet the needs of customers.

Hao Phuong’s new business – Construction work

Hao Phuong went deeper into his field of activities. From architectural design and factory construction (if required by the customer) to the completion of electrical infrastructure system and handing over to customers.

Mảng kinh doanh mới

Customer care team

Hao Phuong customer care system is flexible. The customer care system has developed into many specialized customer teams such as strategic customers, commercial customers, project customers, etc. to satisfy all requirements of customers.

Đội ngũ chăm sóc khách hàng

Established the R&D department

Hao Phuong’s R&D Department was established with the purpose of specializing in researching, developing and applying technology products in the industrial era 4.0. At the same time, develop and build solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Thành lập phòng R&D

R&D staff build and develop application products in the 4.0 industry era

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