What is the level indicator ?

The level indicator is an indispensable device in many factories. Especially in manufacturing factories. In this article, let’s learn the basics of level indicator.

What is the level indicator?

Level indicators are used to determining the level, amount of liquids or other substances in tanks and silos. There are 2 methods of measuring continuous form and measuring point type. This device is capable of measuring and giving a switch-type signal or Analog signal (4- 20mA).

Operation principle of the level indicator

Level sensors can only determine the level of material inside the tank in the state: high, medium or low (depending on the location of the device installation that measures the user’s desired level).

Level sensors/indicators are usually connected to the control part. Then the measured results will be transmitted to a monitoring system. Current technology can use wired or wireless data transmission to the monitoring system. This is useful to help the system operate automatically or monitor inventory of raw materials to plan production. Level Indicator for applications to measure the level of material inside a large (silo) tank. They help the operator see the results displayed on the computer. Besides, there is no need for supervisors to climb high and dangerous positions to measure …

Level indicators are often diverse in types and ways of operation to suit each industry. For example, the rotation-type, capacitive-type, vibration-type … In which the rotation-type level indicator is the most commonly used among those level indicators. Especially in powder products factories. Examples include sugar, animal feed, seafood …

Some of the main applications of the Level indicator

Level indicators are used in many industries. Typical can be used in wastewater treatment plants, in industries such as food and beverage, animal feed, cement …

Classification of level indicators

Point-type level indicators include:

  • Rotary Paddle Type
  • Capacitance Type
  • Float Type
  • Tilt switch

Continuous-type level indicators include:

  • Capacitance Type
  • Ultrasonic Type
  • Radarwave type
  • Sounding Bob
  • 3D Scanners

Introduce some basic level indicators:

Rotary Paddle Type

Fixed point level indicators have many types. The most common is the device indicating fullness or shallowness. This line includes swivel edge sensors, vibration devices, capacitive devices …

These devices have a common feature that is mainly used to measure solids. Their price is much better than the continuous type. In addition, they are easy to install. This device operates on the principle that when the material reaches the required level, the signal from the relay will emit. The relay signal is then used to handle automatic system control settings.

Báo mức loại xoay

Rotary Paddle Type

Capacitance Type

The Capacitance Type is like a switch for the material of any kind of substance. Examples include powder, granules, lumps, liquids, pastes, bubbles … This type of indicator has more than 1,000 types of special electrodes and circuits available. They are suitable for the most different applications. Product strengths are to search for stability even in sediment, adhesion, and stability and high sensitivity. Moreover, Hao Phuong can propose to make electrodes suitable for customers’ installation environment such as high-temperature environment, high-pressure environment, anti-corrosion environment, …

Báo mức điện dung

Capacitance Type

Capacitance Type has many advantages. Among them is outstanding ease of use, no need for periodic maintenance, high accuracy …, because they do not have moving parts. They are often used in applications involving high temperature and pressure.

Ultrasonic level indicators?

Ultrasonic level indicators are used for detecting levels of substances: liquid, attachment, particles, etc. They work by emitting sound waves. Sound waves after reaching the level of material inside the tank are reflected back to the device probe.

Ultrasonic type is widely used. Because they are high-precision, easy to install, durable. The ultrasonic level measuring device can be used for measuring range up to 27m.

Measurement results of ultrasonic devices are influenced by pressure, turbulence, humidity and temperature. In addition, the transducer needs to be fitted properly to get better results.

Báo mức siêu âm

Ultrasonic level indicators

Radarwave Level indicators

Radar level indicators are one of the most advanced level measurement technologies available today. This method allows measurement with high accuracy, fast response time and high durability.

The operation principle of radar level alarms is similar to ultrasonic level gauges. However, its advantage is being able to suppress virtual waves.

Thiết bị đo mức bằng sóng radar

Radar level indicators

Sounding Bob level indicator

SmartBob II Remote is a reliable level measurement system. This has been proven using sensor technology based on measuring and calculating the length of drop cables along with internal transducers in large tanks. Combined with powerful eBob software and remote control panel, SmartBob II offers the most powerful and smart cable-based inventory measurement system on the market today with management capabilities from 1 to 255 tanks contain. This system is capable of measuring up to 55m.

Features of SmartBob II Remote system

SmartBob II can be configured nicely using a variety of cables, probe design and special options for applications such as solid, mud, saltwater and liquids. The SmartBob II is extremely rugged, featuring the industry’s most powerful cable and engine design. It is fully encased in a lightweight, rugged, explosion-proof polycarbonate shell and rated for Class II, Group E, F & G certified. SmartBob II does not require field calibration, is easy to install, needs Minimum wiring or can be used with SmartBob wireless transceiver.

SmartBob 2

SmartBob II Remote

Hopefully, this article has provided useful information for you about level alarms. Don’t forget to read our next interesting articles!

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