What is the A.I technology ?

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The word A.I have been being mentioned a lot after the outbreak of The Industrial Revolution 4.0. What is the A.I technology? Why is it mentioned so much. Let’s find out in this article, shall we?

What is the A.I technology?

A.I is the acronym for Artificial Intelligence. A.I technology helps simulate people’s thoughts, ability to learn, behave, adapt … applied to machines and computer systems. These include processes such as: Learning (obtaining information and rules of using these informations), reasoning (the above rules can be applied to make accurate conclusions to 98.8%) and can fix the error.

AI Technology

AI technology is applied to special applications such as expert systems, speech recognition, machine vision … All can recognize users’ faces, words or objects.

Origin of the A.I technology

A.I technology comes from a computer scientist in the US, John McCarthy. In 1956 at the time of The Dartmouth conference; he came up with his concepts and presentation work. Until now, A.I technology is a term math problem. These terms include robots’ automation and practical statements.

John McCarthy  – computer scientist

In recent times, A.I technology has gradually become more prominent and very popular worldwide. This technology has received great attention from the majority of users. Because of its huge data capacity is called Big Data. AI technology has been applied in many businesses because of its ability to process large volumes of information in an extremely fast time, bringing superior benefits.

A.I Technology Classification

According to each level, we can divide the A.I technology into 4 categories as follows:

Reactive AI technology (Reactive Machine)

Reactive A.I technology is the technology capable of analyzing the actions of yourself and your opponent. Since then come up with the most perfect strategy.

Limited memory A.I technology

With this A.I technology, it is able to detect unexpected cases by itself. In addition it can also give the best processing directions. From there, this A.I technology will make the most accurate decision.

Theory of artificial intelligence

This AI technology includes terms about psychology and can think for itself, acquire knowledge around. To be able to apply those lessons to itself.

Self-awareness technology

This A.I technology is aware of itself and behaves like people. In addition, it also has human emotions, it can share sadness and joy with users.

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