What is Green Technology ?

We need the Earth in order to stay alive, when the Earth is polluted, it will lead to consequences that are difficult to control such as: epidemics, air pollution, water pollution, … All of which affect people.

What do we humans need to do to protect ourselves and the earth?  Since the 1990s, green technology has been applied by humans. Not only bring benefit for nature but it also helps people live cleaner and greener. So what is green technology? How do its benefits positively affect us? Let’s find out through this article, shall we?

What is green technology?

Green technology is a term related to the use of science and technology to protect the environment. These technologies are used to return the environment to its original state before being damaged. It is also known as environmental technology or clean technology.

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Benefits of green technology


Green technology can help you manage or burn waste, etc.In addition, it also helps you to recycle waste into plant fertilizers, sculptures, fuels, even furniture.

Water cleaning  

The scarcity of pure water is taking place quite seriously and is much concerned. Through the use of green technology such as water purification … the water is not very clean and has been filtered to provide clean water for everyone to use.

Air purifying

Carbon handling is one of the other issues of great concern. While people are trying to find and improve a range of different technologies, cars, motorcycles, factories … are emitting a lot of carbon. It is carbon that is the main cause of climate change. Green technology helps reduce carbon emissions and purify the air. This helps us and other living things breathe fresh air.

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Energy conserving

Devices using electricity or clean fuel are being encouraged to use and are introduced more and more. The use of electric cars is on the rise, especially in the UK.

Although the use of solar panels is quite expensive and the installation is not easy, the benefits that it brings, the cost is much reduced later.

Ecosystem Reviving 

The use of green technology will create a ‘resting time’ for the environment. While waste is strictly managed and can be recycled, the affected ecosystem has time to recover and be conserved. This ensures plants and animals are not extinct.

So we can see that the Earth needs protection and green technology is the ‘vehicle’ that can help us do that.

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