What is electrical meters used for?

What is electrical meters used for?

Panel meters are widely used in many fields of life as well as manufacturing. So, what is an panel meter? What is its structure, use and application? Let’s find out in the following article.

What is the electrical meter?

Electrical meter is called with many different names such as multimeter, VOM meter,…

This is a specialized measuring instrument used to check the parameters of direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC), including: amperage, voltage, capacitance, resistance, frequency, diode test, …

Classification of electrical meters

Current multimeters are divided into two categories: analogue multimeter and digital multimeter.

Analog multimeter

As the first line of panel meters, it is often used to measure a basic parameter such as amperage, voltage and resistance. The measurement result will be displayed with a needle on an arc gauge.

What is electrical meters used for?

The outside of the Analog multimeter

What is electrical meters used for?

The inside of the Analog multimeter

Digital multimeter

The most common type of electricity meter nowaday. Measurement results are displayed on a digital liquid crystal display. Digital multimeters are equipped with many more features than analog indicators.

What is electrical meters used for?

The outside of an digital multimeter

The structure of electrical meter

Structure of an Analog multimeter

External structure

An Analog multimeter will consists of the following external parts:

What is electrical meters used for?1.The pointer
2. 0 pointer adjustment
3. Alternating voltage probe
4. Positive probe (+), or P (Positive semiconductor)
5. General probe (Com), or N (Semi-conductor)
6. Front cover
7. The indicator surface
8 Glass surface
9. Rear cover
10. 0Ω adjustment (0Ω ADJ)
11. Range selector
12. AC 15A current probe

Internal circuit

Probe pin (OUTPUT and COM), display unit includes M, power supply unit, temperature compensation resistor system, protective unit and measuring unit.

Structure of a digital multimeter

Digital multimeter usually have the following components: Stop button of measurement results, power button, display screen, small current rpobe, large current proble, common COM probe, resistance & voltage measurement probe, , amplification measurement of the switching transistor, electronic circuit, …

Main part

What is electrical meters used for?

  • Hand strap
  • Meter cover
  • Scale
  • Pointer
  • Zero Position adjuster
  • Range selector knob
  • Panel
  • Test lead storage space
  • 0 Ohm adjuster knob
  • Test probe
  • Test pins

Display part

What is electrical meters used for?

Note: Not all digital multimeters are composed of all of the above. Some devices may have less or more part depending on each manufacturer, each version.

The use of electric meters

Referring to electrical and electronic devices, components, current values, resistors and many other parameters require very accurate and appropriate values. But to check and measure these parameters, it is impossible not to need a multimeter.

The use of analog multimeters

Analog multimeters often have three main uses: measuring voltage, measuring resistance and measuring amperage.

The use of digital multimeters

In addition to the three basic functions of measuring voltage, resistance and amperage, current multimeter are also equipped with additional features such as:

  • Checking circuit connection
  • Equipped with additional power amplifiers that allow users to measure voltage, measure small amperage when the resistance is large.
  • Measuring inductance of inductors and capacitance of capacitors, useful when checking and installing circuits.
  • Checking the diode and transistor.
  • Supporting for measuring temperature by thermocouple.
  • Measuring the average frequency, amplify the sound, and adjust the radio circuitry.
  • Oscilloscope for low frequency.
  • Phone test kit, car circuit test kit.
  • Store measurement data.

Today Multimeters

Toward the 100th anniversary of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, Mitsubishi Electric is constantly improving the diversity of its products, services and business activities in order to change the environment for the better worldwide.

What is electrical meters used for?

Mitsubishi ME96SSEA Multimeter economic series

Product information

Product code: ME96SSEA-MB


Used for: Network system 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W


Origin: Japan


Manufacturer: Mitsubishi


Delivery time: 1-2 days delivery if available, 6-8 weeks delivery if unavailable
Warranty: 12 months
More information: Type mounted on electric cabinet door, size 96 × 96 Manufactured according to IEC60898 standards

ME96SSEA multimeters are compact in size. With multi-function measurement: V, A, W, Wh, VA, Var, Cosφ, High-harmonic … Convenient for monitoring, controlling power to save power, reduce power loss.

With an extremely bright LCD screen makes the display parameters clearer. Using communication port: ModBus / CC-Link and expansion unit: Analog / Pulse and Digital.

Application of multimeters

Multimeters are applied in measuring and checking the index of components, electrical products, electronics. The measurement and testing of indices of multimeters has a very important role in the manufacture, installation and repair of electrical and electronic equipment.

Application in researching & sturdying

With today’s technological developments, in physical studies of electric current, the electric meter is a very important device. This is a device to help researchers know the exact parameters of the current, identifying whether a direct current or a two-way current.

Therefore, researchers can conduct multiple surveys to get accurate results without spending a lot of time.

Application in electronics industry

People working in electronics industry are very fond of this device because it is very handy in electrical and electronic testing. Machine displays accurate results directly on the LCD screen in the fastest, most accurate way. Help users adjust the parameters of the coil, check the installation of electrical circuits effectively.

Application in manufacturing

In the field of manufacturing, multimeters help identify good energy sources for the production process, keeping voltage measurements. Thereby, know which temperature is suitable for plants and strength by measuring the temperature with a thermocouple.


Multimeters are used in many fields from scientific research, electronic equipment assembly, etc. to practical applications in manufacturing. Depending on the needs of use, users will choose the appropriate meter type.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand meter readings. See you again in the most recent article.