What is DC Reactor?

The DC Reactor is an important instrument in the industry. Let’s find out about it in the following article.

What is DC Reactor?

The DC Reactor is a device composed of a large-capacity copper coil wound around the ferromagnetic core with constant reactance. This copper coil serves to store the magnetic field used to limit short-circuit currents. Besides, it maintains the rated voltage when there is a sudden change in the grid.

There are currently two types of reactors for the inverter, the inverter input reactors (AC Reactor) and the inverter output reactors (DC Reactor).

DC Reactor

DC Reactor

Why do we need DC Reactor?

In the current low voltage network, there are many loads in the operation of voltages with frequencies higher than 50 Hz. People call it harmonics. These nonlinear components affect power quality. They make parameters such as voltage, frequency, current no longer reach their original values. In particular, fifth and 7th order harmonic resonance (250Hz and 35 Hz) is very harmful to electrical components.

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But electrical devices only work with standard voltage and frequency levels. In our country is 380V / 50Hz. So the solution to this problem is to install DC Reactor to improve power quality, bring them back to their original state.

What are the benefits of the reactors for the inverter?

In order to ensure that the electric motor is working properly, the inverter must provide sufficient current. The current without distortion or harmonic pulse affects the engine life. The resistance is used for inverters used to filter harmonics, improve power factor, reduce pulse voltage from source to inverter. Resistance coil has constant flow characteristics. So it has a line stabilization function. As a result, the engine can operate smoothly when changing the velocity or changing frequencies.

The reactor used for the inverter helps reduce harmonic distortion. In addition, it reduces the peak amplitude of the input spike, reduces harmonics, helps DC Bus stability and increases the life of the capacitor. Inverter input coil also acts as a filter. It has the function of protecting the rectifier circuit from noise and spikes. This is caused by turning on and off other inductive loads.

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