What is ACB? The operation principle of the ACB.

Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) is widely used in distribution systems for construction and civil works, … ACB ensures a continuous supply and high cutting reliability.

So what is ACB? What is its working principle? Let’s learn with Hao Phuong.

What is an air circuit breaker (ACB)?

ACB air circuit breaker is an electric instrument used to cut and protect electrical equipment before incidents such as overload, short circuit.

ACB has a complex structure but is technologically simple. ACB requires strict periodic maintenance. The arc chamber is made of pneumatic type combined with organic glass partitions. The steel slits are in V-shaped and the coils create magnetic fields to extend the arc.

Máy cắt không khí ABC 1Principle of operation.

ACB is used to cut off the total voltage of the downstream substation. At the same time, ACB can be used as a host for outgoing lines.

ACB is very flexible, can be installed on the wall, on the shelf. Along with that, the methods of protection and operation are also flexible.

ACB uses compressed air flow to blow off the arc. The arc quenching process is fast because it does not need time to create gas products. It completely depends on the fast cutting speed of the cutting machine.

A concrete example with a structure diagram of ACB

The arc stamping compartment 6 is located at the top, while the transmission compartment 1 is placed on the lower part of the ACB. The compressed air which is used to cut will go through the K2 valve into the arc stamping compartment, and push the transmission piston 2 downwards. In the meantime, the moving contact head 7 to leave the static contact head 8, making the arc appear. A flow of aura will be passed through the hole of the static contact head 8, onto the cylinder head cover 10 and exit through the 11 air vents, turning off the arc.

To close and cut, open valve 1 to bring air flow into the transmission compartment 1. the transmission piston 2 is pushed upward. The circuit will be connected in sequence: wiring terminal 9, Cove 12, static contact head 8, moving contact head 7, sliding contact head 5, static contact head 3 and wiring terminal 4. auxiliary contacts 13 and 14 to report the closing / cutting position of the cutting machine, while cutting off the current into the CC and CĐ cutting coil. C ( Cut) and Đ (close) buttons for remote cutting and closing the ACB.

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