What is AC reactor? How important is it in the industrial system

AC reactor

AC reactor is an indispensable device in the industry. It ensures the system to operate more smoothly. And, AC reactor is also extremely useful in case the network current voltage is greatly distorted. In addition, AC reactor also increases the quality of the current by filtering harmonics.


AC reactor is a coil wrapped around a steel core. It is used to improve the input power factor of the inverter power supply, reducing harmonics to eliminate external conflicts.

The function of AC reactor

The function of AC reactor

  • Reduced harmonic distortion (ie noise on input AC current).
  • Decreased the peak amplitude of the input sharp spine; Reducing harmonics will help DC Bus stabilize and increase the life of the capacitor.
  • Acts as a filter to protect the input rectifier circuit from noises and spiky pulse caused by turning on and off other inductive loads.

In rare cases, a current reactor may be used on the output side of the drive to compensate for low inductance motors. But this is usually not necessary due to the good performance of IGBT technology.

What is the AC reactor used for?

– Protection of industrial electrical equipment

The reactor used for capacitor with capacitor protection function, protection of switchgear. The reactors in combination with the capacitor types eliminate the harmonic components that increase the quality of electricity for the system. The harmonic filter inductor is necessary in the case of voltage, current of the system is distorted.

– Protecting the inverter

The AC reactor can act as a filter to protect the input rectifier circuit from noises and spiky pulse caused by turning on and off other inductive loads.

Benefits of using AC reactor

Benefits of using AC reactor

  • Make sure the electric motor works well.
  • The inverter provides enough current, the current is not distorted or the appearance of harmonic pulses affects the motor life.
  • Improve the power factor, reduce the impulse from the source to the inverter, attach at the inverter input.
  • Stabilize the line so that the motor runs smoothly when changing the speed at which frequency changes.

How to choose AC reactor

  • Depending on the load system, the nature of the load we calculate using the appropriate reactor.
  • System harmonics should be checked before selecting and installing.
  • In order to have an efficient use process, we must choose the most suitable and appropriate reactor.
  • Must be installed properly to avoid the overload, capacitor explosion.
  • Avoid choosing the reactor coil does not ensure technical because as will cause a loud noise.

So choosing the right reactor to use is a very important step.

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