What are the phase indicator lights used for?

What are the phase indicator lights used for?

Phase indicator light is a familiar electrical equipment used in many industrial electrical cabinets, civil electrical cabinets, and in industrial machines. Currently, Idec’s YW line headlights are the most commonly used. So, what are the headlights used for? To learn more about the use of headlights, visit the article below!

What are the phase indicator lights used for?

Idec YW indicator lights are used to display the signals of the electrical panel system such as phase, error messages, … IDEC YW series indicator lights have a compact and space-saving design. The headlamp has a high brightness and a very wide viewing angle, the material on the surface of the device is designed to reduce the ability to reflect outside light.

Tech specs of Idec’s YW series indicator lights

Hole size phi 22
Operation temperature -20 C TO +55 C
Humidity 40 to 85% RH
Degree of protection IP 65 ( IEC 60529) panel front

IP 20 ( IEC 60529) terminal

Contact resistance 50 mΩ maximum
Isulation resistance 100 MΩ minimum

What are the advantages of Idec YW series indicator lights compared to other products on the market?

Easily switch back and forth between phi 22 and phi 25

Currently, Phi 22 has become the standard for installing lights on cabinets, but if you make a mistake of drilling the phi 25 hole, don’t worry, the Idec indicator lights can easily help you convert.

Japanese quality but very competitive price

In the midst of a market where “Made in China” is rife with all kinds of prices, Idec indicator lights still have a firm foothold for themselves because of the difference in quality and reasonable price.

Diversity of products, meet almost any request

The YW range of accessories is extremely diverse and rich, carefully researched to cater specifically to the Southeast Asian market, so no requirement of any indicator light in Vietnam may make it difficult for the Idec brand to respond.

Flexible assembly, easy replacement

It can be said that no brand of indicator light in Vietnam is more flexible than the Idec’s one. The versatility of the Idec YW series indicator lights makes it different from the rest of the market. You can easily convert each part, replacing each part if unfortunately that part is damaged.

Actual image of the Idec YW series indicator lights.

What are the phase indicator lights used for?

What are the phase indicator lights used for?

Where to buy the Idec YW series indicator light, push button, rotary switch?

Vietnam first learned about Idec electrical equipment in 2006, when Hao Phuong Company became the official distributor of Idec. We always give our customers the best service.

Supporting policies

  • Technical advice for customers 24/24.
  • “1 for 1” Exchange policy within 7 days.
  • 12-month warranty policy

Certification & commitment

  • Idec relay has been exclusively distributed since 2006 by Hao Phuong Company.
  • On average, there are more than 100,000 products are consumed annually.
  • The number of defective products is almost zero.
  • Present in most industrial zones throughout the country.

What are the phase indicator lights used for?

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