What are electric cabinet exhaust fans and how do they work?

The electric cabinet exhaust fan is a ventilation device commonly used in electrical cabinets such as low voltage cabinet, ATS cabinet, central control cabinet, … The proper and reasonable use of exhaust fan contributes to ensuring the equipment properly operated and increased equipment life. So what are electric cabinet exhaust fans used for? This article will answer that question.

What is an electric cabinet exhaust fan?

Ventilation fan means the flow of air from outside into the electrical cabinet. Stagnant air will be brought out and fresh air from outside will be introduced. Typically, ventilation fans are used in places where air cannot flow by itself.

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The effect of electric cabinet exhaust fan

Ventilators are used to pull out wet air; air circulation in the electrical cabinet. At the same time increase the life of the device.

Increasing air circulation

During operation, the devices in the electrical cabinet will release heat; causing the air in the cabinet to warm up which reduces its ability to operate or can even cause a fire. Exhaust fans are now tasked with pushing hot air out and sucking fresh air from outside to reduce the temperature inside the cabinet, helping the device operate more efficiently.

Increasing equipment life

Electrical cabinets that operate for a long time will generate heat, poor contacts, and inefficient operation. An exhaust fan helps to circulate air, cool electrical cabinets, devices operating at the right capacity and prolong life.

Reduce moisture in the electrical cabinet

Electrical cabinets usually operate for a maximum of 10 to 14 hours. When the electric cabinet does not work, the humidity will increase. Having exhaust fans will help reduce the humidity in the cabinet.

Above is the concept and effect of the exhaust fan. You have just gained useful knowledge about electric cabinet exhaust fans. And don’t forget to follow the information we share here.

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