Warming up the 2018 sports festival – The season of the players full of bravery

2019 Hao Phuong annual sports festival is about to take place at the Hiep Binh Phuoc football field. For an exciting and dramatic sporting season, let’s take a look at the images of the previous season.

Despite having experienced two sports seasons, the spirit of sports is always burning in every member’s heart. Every time the sports season comes, the departments are always excited about the training plans, the special performance items. Let’s review the pictures of the sports season last year.

The images left an impression in the 2018 sports season:

Hình ảnh cầu thủ hpc 2018

It’s a goal !!!

Hình ảnh cầu thủ hpc 2018-1

Blocking the ball from getting into the goal in any way, seems to “the spread” finally effective this time.

Hình ảnh cầu thủ hpc 2018-2

Be careful, there’s an opponent trying to tackle!

Hình ảnh cầu thủ hpc 2018-3

what a strong shoot!

Hình ảnh cầu thủ hpc 2018-4

What should we do! How can we get through the defenders to pass the ball to other teammates?!

Hình ảnh cầu thủ hpc 2018-4

“Faking injury” minutes of a goalkeeper after the ball flew right into the goal

Great performances have heated the pitch, inspiring the spirit of Hao Phuong players here. Leaving behind the professional work, Hao Phuong staff plays the passionate and powerful players and dancers to bring exciting matches.

Hình ảnh cổ động viên

Exciting flashmob performances

Hình ảnh cổ động viên 1

Unite and play hard is team 1’s Slogan

Hình ảnh cổ động viên 2

Who remembers the member played the Minion character last year ??

Hình ảnh cổ động viên 3

Hình ảnh cổ động viên 5

The flashmob repertoire stirred up the 2018 season

Hình ảnh cổ động viên 6

Champion of 2018 Hao Phuong group football tournament!

Join with Hao Phuong, reviewing the impressive images of the 2018 Hao Phuong group football tournament through the video below.