Vina Ha Nam – Turnkey project

Vina Ha Nam - Turnkey project

Established in 1994, ViNa Group is one of the groups specializing in producing animal feed in Vietnam with annual sales of over 500,000 tons and turnover of more than VND 5,000 billion.

Up to now, ViNa has provided products for 6 major brand markets (Vina, Happy, Lucky, Dong A, Quang Vinh, Vifeed) and have 3 large-scale factories. ViNa Ha Nam is the 3rd factory of the Group and was started construction from 2013 – 2014. ViNa Company is proud to be the leading Animal Feed Company in Vietnam with international quality.

Vina Ha Nam – Turnkey project

In 2013, Hao Phuong received the trust of ViNa Group to become a supplier and integrator of electrical cabinets, control cabinets, SCADA for the ViNa Ha Nam factory. This is considered a “turnkey project” because after signing the cooperation agreement, Hao Phuong is fully responsible for implementing the entire project planning, surveying, designing, manufacturing, and installing construction equipment, training staff, workers operating electrical cabinets, … for this large project.

With the reputation and high level of expertise in the field of system integration – automation, undertaking and implementing these large comprehensive projects is not a very difficult challenge for Hao Phuong. Hao Phuong is not only proud to bring many practical benefits to the ViNa Ha Nam project in both quality and service, but Hao Phuong also contributes positively to the overall development of society.

On the basis of being a supplier, installing and integrating electrical cabinets, control cabinets, … to ensure stable operation in large-scale projects and constructions at home and abroad. Certainly in the near future, Hao Phuong’s products will be featured in many bigger projects. This is the premise for Hao Phuong to always maintain and fulfill his mission “Pioneering in solving challenges in the industrial age 4.0”.