Update the round 3 matches of Hao Phuong Group football tournament 2018

cập nhật trận đấu vòng 3 giải bóng đá Hạo Phương 2018

At exactly 17:00, at Hiep Binh Phuoc stadium, the teams are ready to step into fierce battles.

By the third round, the teams were quite understanding of each other’s play style, attacking the team’s goal was the tactics of all six teams at the moment.

Although there were a few small showers of rain, the players did not come down but still fiercely on the football field, chanting slogans and hoping to score many goals for their team.

cổ động viên đội 5 góp vui

trận đấu vòng 3 giải bóng đá Hạo Phương 2018, ảnh 1

Team 5 fans contributed with the cheerful dance performance, stirring up the football field before the players entered the game field

cổ động khuấy đảo cả sân bóng

trận đấu vòng 3 giải bóng đá Hạo Phương 2018, ảnh 2

Round 3 consists of 6 teams competing:

1st match: Team 6 – Team 2

2nd match: Team 4 – Team 1

3rd Match: Team 5 – Team 3

1st match: The regretful passes of Team 6

The referee blew the first whistle when the ball started rolling, despite understanding each other’s playstyle after 2 rounds, unexpected situations continued to take place.

Both teams constantly bring the ball to the opponent’s goal.

It took only 8 minutes, the first goal was scored. While the players of the two teams competed in front of the goal of team 6, the ball reached Thien An’s foot (team 2) as a blessing to make Team 6’s goalkeeper unable to keep up and the ball rolled gently right into the frame.

trận đấu vòng 3 giải bóng đá Hạo Phương 2018, ảnh 3

Team 2 player celebrated on the field

When Team 2 was celebrating silently, the Team 6 players took the ball and take it to the field of Team 2. The shot was long but not strong enough to conquer the opponent. Team 6 missed a chance to score.

Players of Team 6 caught the opportunity, quickly handed the ball to the striker of Team 6, 2 minutes later, Thanh Hai scored an equalizer.

At this time, the fans chanted “Go! Team 6!” Cheering for team 6 with the hope that team 6 will win in this match.

pha đi bóng tốc độ của đội 6

The speed passes from team 6, with efforts to tackle the ball right on the pitch of Team 6 to bring the ball to the goal of Team 2. But no goals were scored for Team 6.

Players of Team 2 are quietly changing their game style 10 minutes later, Team 2 has scored another second goal. The score is 1 – 2 at the moment.

Minutes later, Team 6 tried to get the ball back and into the goal of Team 2, the goalkeeper of Team 2 promptly blocked the ball. At the end of the first half, the score right now is unchanged.

trận đấu vòng 3 giải bóng đá Hạo Phương 2018, ảnh 4

Cầu thủ đội 6 đuổi theo cướp bóng

To the second half, Team 6 had many opportunities to equalize, but the ball went too high compared to the goal.

Hoang Vinh (Team 6 player) created many dangerous passes in front of the goal of Team 2, Hoang Vinh’s teammates quickly shot, the ball hit the vertical column to bounce off.

Player of Team 2 quickly regained the ball, overcame the block of Team 6 with a shot into the corner of team 6 right after.

Next, team 6 brought the ball directly into the goal of the team but was pushed out by the goalkeeper, captain Duy Minh put all his strength into the ball and tried to push it into the goal of the second team but failed.

Many opportunities to score for both teams in the second half but were prevented by the goalkeeper. No team scored in this half. At the end of the second half, the score remained at 1-2, the victory belonged to team 2.

trận đấu vòng 3 giải bóng đá Hạo Phương 2018, ảnh 5

trao giải thưởng mini game

Mini-game award “Predict the score”

Before team 1 and team 4 entered the football field, Team 4’s supporters cheered up the spirit of the two teams with flashmob dance, leaving an impression on everyone.

trận đấu vòng 3 giải bóng đá Hạo Phương 2018, ảnh 6

nhóm nhảy đội 4 cổ vũ tinh thần trong giờ nghỉ

2nd Match: Team 4 tries hard but fails

It was still raining at the moment but the spirit of solidarity played an important role, even deciding the victory and loss in the whole match.

The first minute of the match, Team 1 suddenly scored the opening goal.

In this situation, Van Tin made a great contribution while both teams were competing in front of the goal of team 4. Van Tin ran behind to support and promptly hit the shot straight into the goal.

In everyone’s astonishment

The vice-captain of Team 4 – Minh Hai took the ball back quickly to the other side of the battle line. He spectacularly put the ball into the net just 2 minutes later.

The resources of team 4 are much worse than the main competitors so the first team always dominates the initiative to continue to score to 2-1.

This time Nhat Anh scored the second goal for team 1 with a penalty just before the goalkeeper of Team 4.

Thủ môn đội 4 buồn bã

Team 4 goalkeeper was upset after a penalty of Team 1

In the game that both teams go on full force to attack, team 1 is still a little bit better. By the 9th minute, Team 1 continued to surpass after the smart and dangerous move of Nhat Anh. 3 – 1 in favor of team 1 is also the score ending the first half.

To the second half, team 4 created many changes in tactics, but a lot of opportunities created by Team 4 couldn’t be converted into goals.

đội 4 tạo tạo nhiều sự thay đổi về chiến thuật

trận đấu vòng 3 giải bóng đá Hạo Phương 2018, ảnh 9

Team 4 did not surrender with the result in the first half, the rhythmic combination of Team 4 players to kick the ball into the goal of Team 1 but was blocked by Team 1’s goalkeeper. In this match 2 players of Team 1 receive 2 yellow cards.

cầu thủ đội 1 nhận 2 thẻ vàng

Thinking that the score only stopped at 1 – 3 in favor of team 1 when the second match was about to end.

Nhat Anh and Van Tin took turns decisively putting the ball into the goal of Team 4, two goals were only 6 minutes apart.

Team 4’s effort has not been paid yet, there is no goal to reduce the score at this time.

At the end of the match, team 1 easily won team 4 with a score of 5 – 1.

3rd match: Team 5 fans are relieved when the two teams draw together

Game 3 started while the rain was heavier than the previous two games but on the faces of the players still showed the spirit of determination to win. The fans still enthusiastically cheer for this final match.

trận đấu vòng 3 giải bóng đá Hạo Phương 2018, ảnh 10

CĐV đội 5 nhiệt tình cỗ vũ

In the first half, team 5 was superior in the previous two rounds of the tournament. Facing this situation, Team 3 launched the strongest starting lineup to overwhelm the match.

After a few minutes of struggling, Team 5 took the upper hand against the opponent with quite dangerous shots.

In the 9th minute, Cong Dung passed the ball from the left wing correctly, beating the goalkeeper of Team 3. An impressive opening goal.

Shortly thereafter, the Team 3 players rushed to attack but could not equalize. The passes were not accurate when a 3-player shot the bar.

The opportunity to score goals continued to open for team 3 when Ngoc Son controlled the ball. He finished with a kick to block the goal of team 5 equalizing after only 6 minutes. 1 -1 is the score at the end of the first half

Team 5 scored the goal for team 3 in a messy situation before the goal

The time is quite late when both teams enter the second half plus rain is becoming more and heavier. Therefore, there are many limitations that make it difficult for players to control the ball.

The captain of Team 5 had an unforgettable memory in the third round, he scored the goal for your team. The score at 1 – 2 is in favor of team 3.

In this match, the ball is mainly on the field of Team 5, the tackles of the two teams in front of the goal so the goalkeeper must concentrate to block the ball.

pha xút phạt của đội 5

The score was different, the Team 3 players placed their faith in this match, expressed by trying to pass the ball. The ball was passed with Hoang Thien’s intention to put the ball into the first goal.
Team 5 still remained calm when being lead by 2 goals, the clash between the two teams is quite tense in the last minute of the match.

cấu thủ đội 5 đi bóng khéo léo

cầu thủ kém khá chặt chẻ

Near the end of the second half

The players combined perfectly to turn the shots into the goal of Team 3 only 2 minutes apart.

Two goals scored by 2 players of Team 5 only 2 minutes apart. Team 5 fans broke and hugged an organizing member when their team balanced the score.niềm vui cổ động viên khi kết thúc trận

The referee blew the whistle to end the match, the final result was a tie between the two teams.

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