Update the list of football teams of “2018 Hao Phuong Group “

The organizers officially announced the list of 6 teams and 6 cheerleaders participating in the tournament to win the Golden Cup.

The tournament will start on July 27, 2018, at Hiep Binh Phuoc Stadium. After the season of 2017 the strikers had to return to their daily work and rarely “date” each other on the pitch.

This is when players and their teammates race with time to practice together to strengthen the cohesion before the tournament takes place.

The second season is about to come, the organizers are rushing to complete the preparations for the tournament, besides the women are also “impatient” to be the supporters of any team to prepare banners together. , unique slogans or impressive flashmob performances.

Young and talented strikers and supporters “keep on fire” spirit will promise to bring dramatic and impressive matches.

Which team will win the cup in this season !!!! Let’s join Hao Phuong to watch the tense matches, the eye-catching performances of the strikers become more attractive than ever.