Things you didn’t know about RCBO Fuji Electric

RCBO Fuji Electric

RCBO is an important anti-shock device in the electrical network, it is widely used in industry, factories, offices as well as civil, to bring absolute safety to users. In particular, Fuji Electric’s RCBO is most used. Let’s find out details of Fuji Electric RCBO in the article below.

Why is Fuji Electric RCBO so popular?

RCBO Fuji Electric

RCBO is the best anti-leakage circuit breaker whose main function is to disconnect the current when a leakage current is detected and electrical equipment problems occur. Therefore, it has become a widely used device.

What is the application of RCBO?

Currently, RCBO is being used mainly in civilian (houses, offices …) to:

  • Avoid electric shock.
  • Prevention of fire caused by electric shock.
  • Safety protection for human life and property damage.
  • Overload protection.
  • Used in places where high electrical safety is required, or where there is a risk of electric leakage.

Fuji Electric RCBO

RCBO BE1 series of Fuji Electric

RCBO Fuji Electric

RCBO BE1 series has a beautiful designs and high safety. Products are manufactured according to international standards: IEC 61009-1, GB 16917.1 and certified by CCC.


Operation temperature 35˚C to +70˚C
Altitude <2000m
Humidity <95%
Rated current 1A – 50A
Short-circuit 6kA for 40A and below

4.5kA for 50A

Leakage protection 30mA
Mechanical life 20000 times


Note when using RCBO Fuji Electric

+ Do not use in damp places.

+ When mounting the RCBO, on the top of the CB is the power input, the bottom is the output voltage, if reversed, RCBO will fail immediately when there is a leakage current.

Where to buy Fuji Electric RCBO?

RCBO Fuji Electric

Since 2007, Hao Phuong has officially become a Fuji Electric distributor. Hao Phuong is currently the distributor of Fuji Electric RCBO in the market.

Currently, Fuji Electric RCBO distributed by Hao Phuong is present in most of the key industrial parks throughout the country through an agent system stretching from the North to the South.

Fuji Electric RCBO is supplied by Hao Phuong to ensure quality and suitable for almost all applications in industry and civil. Especially, Fuji Electric RCBO is the product for the industrial market that meets industrial standards.

If you want to buy Fuji Electric RCBO, just call the Hotline: 1800 6547 or chat online (right corner of the screen).

Hao Phuong is always ready to assist customers quickly.