The role of students in the development of automation industry

Feature image role of student in develope of industry

The global automation industry is booming. Students promise to be the factors that shape the Automation Industry in the future.

The global automation industry is on the rise

Many jobs will be replaced by robots in the future

In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, automated robots are being increasingly used, especially in the manufacturing process of enterprises.

According to a 2016 McKinsey report, manual labor in stereotypical manufacturing processes can easily be replaced by robots and management software. Examples are fast food production or assembly chains at factories. Not only that, simple information processing jobs can also be highly automated. Typically the tracking and calculation of wages.

The automation industry is forecast to grow strongly

Also according to the report of market research company Allied, global biotechnology industry is expected to achieve a double annual growth rate of 8.8%. The market size in 2025 is estimated to reach US $ 368.4 billion, double the figure of 190.9 billion in 2017. There are many motivations driving the growth of the global automation field. For example, the proliferation of manufacturing industry. Besides, there is an increase in labor costs and the requirement for absolute accuracy. At the same time, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 with the advent of the Internet of Things has created favorable conditions for the development of automation technology. It is happening increasingly fast and modernly.

Automation is the solution for the development of the manufacturing industry

Automation is the solution for the development of the manufacturing industry

Competitive advantage of the automation industry

The automation industry develops based on high technology platforms

Basically, automation includes the use of computers, robots, control systems and information technology. The ultimate goal is to optimize profits for businesses. According to strategic consulting group McKinsey, automation technology can replace many people. Especially the work is unhygienic, heavy and dangerous. It also helps to improve product quality by assisting in eliminating manufacturing errors. At the same time, automation helps reduce costs when using cheap machines. These devices will gradually replace the increasingly expensive human resources.

The effective support of the artificial intelligence (A.I)

With the development of the A.I, automation machines can also monitor the manufacturing process. They will give accurate information about system health, the root of the problem. It also predicts upcoming problems and provides suggestions for operators and managers. From there, these people can make timely decisions or adjustments. Therefore disruptions and product losses will be minimized.

Overcoming challenges posed to the automation industry in Vietnam

Challenges of Vietnam’s automation industry

Besides the aforementioned advantages, the automation industry in Vietnam is facing a serious problem. That is the shortage of high quality human resources.

In the past, foreign investors often chose Vietnam to set up production facilities. The reason is because our country has cheap human resources. However, this is no longer a competitive advantage of our country. High-tech industry always prioritizes candidates with in-depth expertise. Both technical and creative. Not only that, high quality workers also need other necessary skills for the job. Examples include teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Therefore, Vietnamese students need to prepare all the necessary luggage if they develop successfully in this field. In that journey, education plays a very important role.

Rockwell Automation has cooperated with Arizona State University (USA) to organize many useful programs for Vietnamese students. Typical programs include “Vietnam Engineering Education Conference” (2017), STEMCON (2018) … These events brought together a number of industry experts. Besides, representatives from the government. The related parties discussed together. The ultimate goal is to be able to offer landmark solutions to training programs in Vietnam.

Improving the quality of human resources is the top goal to develop our country’s automation industry

The difficulties in automating industries don’t come from engineering. It originates from the people. Without possessing a high-quality human resource, high-tech industries in Vietnam will hardly compete in the international arena.

Students are a key contributor to the future of the automation industry

Students are a key contributor to the future of the automation industry

Therefore, investment in developing education – vocational training should be oriented by the government. Enterprises also need to pay attention and support this work. In the current Industry 4.0 period, the development of automation technology will certainly play an important role. It will become an impetus for advancing society.

With proper orientation and intensive training, the next generation of Vietnamese students will be competent. They absolutely can contribute to the development of the country ‘s higher education sector. This will create a solid foundation for Vietnamese businesses to reach out to the world.