The results of the Writing Competition with the topic “Hao Phuong in me”

Recently, Hao Phuong company launched a Writing Competition with the topic “Hao Phuong in me”. The competition ended with good results. The organizers have organized the award ceremony along with the members’ birthday party on April 25.

The competition is organized to raise the spirit of participating in the internal activities of the members of the company. This is also an opportunity for members to review their memories and impressions in the process of working at Hao Phuong.Trao giải Hạo Phương trong tôi

The organizers awarded prizes to the authors who participated in the “Hao Phuong in me” Writing Competition  

The authors have sent many good feelings in the entries

“Hao Phuong is a place where we have been working together as a family. I admire the hardworking teammates who forget the time. For them, going to work seems not only because of the pursuit for a better living, but also because of passion. That spirit of passion and enthusiasm is an indispensable part of brothers in the Hao Phuong family.

The excerpt you just read is from an author from the Accounting Department. People often think that the Accounting Department is full of those who are not into literature. But whenever there is a chance, they are always ready to confide in very simple, emotional feelings.

Working spirit is a “stimulating drug” at Hao Phuong. When a person is engrossed in work, that spirit will spread to the rest of the staff. That same spirit has helped the author and the company to develop for many years.

From the Administration – Human Resources Department with very “humanity” concerns …

“I still remember the volunteer trips of the Company, where people exchanged beautiful gestures to those who less fortunate in life . It was when the sweating drops fell that I realized how many things the members in those trips had taught me. ”

Memories revealed by one of the representative of the Administration – Human Resources Department, expressing her deep impressions of the people at Hao Phuong. This is also the resource that has always been interested in developing by the leaders of the company. Human factor not only contributes to Hao Phuong’s success. It also contributes to building a culture for the company.

… To the enthusiastic participation of Hanoi branch

A member from Hao Phuong’s Hanoi branch wrote: “I consider Hao Phuong the second house. Because here, we work together, eating together during meals. We also regularly interact and laugh together in general activities. We come from many parts of the country. But no matter where it comes from, in the common house, Hao Phuong, everyone shares the same purpose of work, striving for customer satisfaction. And for the development of the company. ”

Most of the entries are devoted to a lot of good feelings for Hao Phuong. These feelings contribute to the spirit of solidarity. As well as success for the company like today.

The competition is an opportunity for members to relive the sentiment from the early days with the company
There are brothers and sisters who come to Hao Phuong by chance. But over time, the feelings between them and the company are still as many as in the early days:

“The East has the Idioms: ” Everythings happen depend on fate”, all things that have been and will come to us simply because it is already there, in the future and is waiting for us. . That is fate. Therefore, we would just met this person but not the others, work for this company but not the others. For me, Hao Phuong is a great fate that have came in my life.”

Above are some good excerpts from the entries. The organizers will continue to select to post high quality, investment articles in this contest on the website. Remember to pay attention and don’t miss it.

The organizers would like to congratulate the winners. Hopefully the contest in the near future will also receive the enthusiastic response of the company members like this writing competition.