The reasons why you should use the inverter

Nowadays, inverters are widely used in industry and agriculture. So, for what reasons should we use the inverter? We will find out in the following article!

Protect the engine from mechanical wear-out

When starting the engine directly from the power grid, shock and mechanical wear-out problems are uncontrollable. Inverters help the engine to start smoothly even if the start-up/interruption process of the engine takes place continuously, minimizing mechanical wear-out.

Saving electricity, protecting electrical equipment in the same system

When starting directly, the starting current is many times larger than the rated current, causing power consumption to skyrocket. Inverter not only helps start smoothly but also makes starting current lower than rated current, saving power at this time. At the same time, there is no pressure drop (even damage) for other electrical equipment in the same system. In addition to pump loads, fans, compressors … or other applications that require flow/pressure control, the inverter will help stop the engine in idle mode, thereby saving maximum power consumption.

Some Fuji Electric inverter series

Meeting the technology requirement

For applications that need speed synchronization, such as paper, textiles, plastic packaging, printing, steel, … or application of flow control or pressure controls, such as water, pneumatic … or applications such as cranes shaft, elevator … The use of an inverter is indispensable, meeting technological requirements, improving productivity.

Highly increase productivity

For many applications, such as textile, dyeing, plastic … the use of inverter will increase productivity compared to using direct power, eliminating some bulky, less effective accessories such as a pulley, turtle motor (auxiliary motor) …

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