The perfect Mid-Autumn Festival with a meaningful gift from Hao Phuong

Mid-Autumn Festival bonded with love. To this day, everyone must be too familiar with the Mid-Autumn Festival, the traditional beauty of a thousand generations left by our forefather. It is not only a custom, a festival but also a beauty of the soul of the Vietnamese people in general and also the beauty in the soul of Hao Phuong in particular. Every August lunar month of the lunar calendar approaches, Hao Phuong is busy preparing boxes of moon cakes to send to the staff with all of our sincerity, it gradually becomes a habit, creating an important and indispensable cultural beauty at the company when the Mid-Autumn Festival comes back.

A spiritual gift that shows our deep concern

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the Tet of love, the occasion when everyone has the opportunity to bond and get closer. Understanding that this year, Hao Phuong decided to early deploy the gift of Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to officers and employees so that they will soon share this joy with the company and their family.

Hao Phuong always attaches great importance to building a cultural and professional environment to not only create a good impression on customers and partners but also attract and appreciate talented people. During the traditional and meaningful festivals such as Mid-Autumn Festival, selecting and giving each box of cakes to employees is therefore also carefully and thoughtfully prepared by the company.

The concept of “The value of the Company comes from the value of each employee”, ignoring the material value, each box of moon cakes that the company sends to each employee is also a deep concern, showing emotional attachment. The bundle cannot be replaced. That is also the heart of the leaders, wanting each of their employees to have a reunion Mid-Autumn Festival.

The perfect Mid-Autumn Festival with a meaningful gift from Hao Phuong

Hao Phuong was busy preparing mooncakes for the staff

Not only that, this year, Hao Phuong also subtly presents moon cakes on the occasion of the National Day holiday on September 2 so that employees can make gifts for relatives when they visit their hometown. This shows that Hao Phuong also cares about the family of each employee, which is our sincere feelings, practical attention to employee’s life, as well as encouragement and encouragement of the Board of Directors with officers – employees Hao Phuong.

To Hao Phuong, each gift box is not merely giving material, but giving love. That is not simply a responsibility or a duty but comes from the love, the meaning. And Hao Phuong believes that each time giving such love, once more, the company’s affection for all officers and employees will stick more deeply. That is also a unique culture that Hao Phuong has been building and casting for more than 15 years.

The perfect Mid-Autumn Festival with a meaningful gift from Hao Phuong

The perfect Mid-Autumn Festival with a meaningful gift from Hao Phuong

Hao Phuong presented mooncakes to all of the officers and employees

A few words from the staff – employees express their deep thanks to Hao Phuong

Holding a box of delicious moon cakes, Ms. Phuong, the accounting department, emotionally shared: “Every year for the Mid-Autumn Festival, the company gives gifts to my family. This means a lot for employees like me because not only myself but also my family are always cared for by the Board of Directors of the company”.

Another employee at the Hao Phuong production department also shared: “Going to work away from home, these days there are tumultuous moon cakes and lanterns on the street. I remember my parents and siblings in the family every time I cut the moon cake so that the whole family gathered to eat it. The company leaders are very interested in employee life. Every year we are given moon cakes. This spiritual gift to us is extremely meaningful. It is not only my concern, my feelings but also my pride ”.

The perfect Mid-Autumn Festival with a meaningful gift from Hao Phuong

The perfect Mid-Autumn Festival with a meaningful gift from Hao Phuong

The staff happily holding a box of mooncakes that Hao Phuong gave

It can be said that for each employee – Hao Phuong employee, receiving Mid-Autumn Festival gifts early from the company, it is a complete joy, the most meaningful joy in office life. the company was for them. To Hao Phuong: Each member of the company is a contributing piece to the current and future success of Hao Phuong so that the employees are like a second family to Hao Phuong, as the core values ​​that Hao Phuong is always aiming for. Hope that all members will always stand side by side with Hao Phuong to conquer new heights. Once again, Hao Phuong wished the great family of the staff on the Mid-Autumn Festival full of laughter and joy. Think together!