The meaning of “creativity” in work and life (part 2)

The meaning of

“There is no success come to us by nature, nor do we have anything easy to do but come with great successes. To be successful in life, occupying good values, people must be active and creative. Being active and creative is a quality that is required in every human being. ”

After reading the stories in part 1, we have partly understood the meaning of the message “Creativity” that Hao Phuong wanted to say. Please continue to learn more through the content that Hao Phuong presents!

Part 2: Learn more about the value of creativity

A brief about  “creativity”

As we all know, modern life is constantly changing, requiring people to adapt and change. If we keep sowing ourselves in the old ways, not only will we lose our own opportunities, but we will also delay the development of human civilization.

Creativity is the ability to create new, more effective, and advanced things than what already exists. The person with creative ability is constantly striving to improve his working methods or create unique and valuable works of art.

Creativity can also be innate, but it is undeniable that creativity is the result of a training process. No one can say that they are not creative, everyone has the potential to think creatively, but they may not realize it themselves.

The meaning of "creativity" in work and life (part 2)

What are the benefits of being creative at work?

Creativity at work is simple, but it is a useful tool that not only helps to impress colleagues and superiors but also helps everyone:

– Love their current job.

– Access to work more dynamic and enthusiastic.

– Encourage personal development by improving skills, improving work-solving abilities.

– The more you improve your skills at work, the more promotion opportunities you will create.

Hao Phuong suggests ways to train each person’s creativity

If you work methodically, your work will be lighter, and more importantly, more efficient. Hao Phuong suggests effective methods of training to increase your creative ability as follows:

  • Always have confidence in yourself:
    • There is no denying that “Confidence is half of the victory”. And only with confidence can we do everything we want and aim for.
  • Turning ideas into action:
    • Don’t leave your ideas in your mind. Be bold to give out your ideas. Your first idea may not be recognized, but trying to come up with new ideas will make your job less boring, help you burn out your work.
  • Do not hesitate to change or challenge new fields:
    • Change to become more mature, have more opportunities for promotion. When we ourselves always strive to find new ideas, new ideas will help to remove existing boredom. Please work with a mind full of enthusiasm, dare to think, dare to do.
  • Learn how to actively listen:
    • Listening is a great way to increase your creativity. And good, positive words are effective materials to evoke creative ideas for themselves.
  • Read more:
    • To update our knowledge, normally we only study topics related to our work. Instead, start looking at books on a variety of topics or topics that interest you. New ideas can come from seemingly unrelated ones.

=> The company always creates conditions for each person to promote their creativity instead of imposing, forcing employees to limit their thinking ability. Because, works will be solved more effectively if each individual knows how to use their creativity appropriately with the circumstances, creating highly effective products and solutions.

The meaning of "creativity" in work and life (part 2)

“Continuous creativity is what drives you to success”. Always train yourself to think and apply creativity to your work to help you go on the path to success and peak glory as quickly as possible.

Think together!