The meaning of “creativity” in work and life (part 1)

Many people think that creative thinking is only needed for people working in advertising, marketing, or art. But the truth is, creativity can help you grow and succeed in any profession.


  • If a mechanical engineer has the ability to be creative, he can invent many different devices and machines.
  • A creative salesperson will always be filled with ideas to reach customers.
  • Or a creative training person will never lack the good methods to impart knowledge to students in the most effective way.

=> Do you want to become a creative thinker? So what is creativity? Why do we need it so much? Let’s find out more with Hao Phuong!

Part 1: Understand the value of the two words “creating” from stories

Possibly the best way to learn and realize anything is through stories. Let Hao Phuong read the following stories to visualize and understand what the creative ability has brought meaning to life.

Story 1: A boy’s creativity

The story is about an accident on a highway, where a truck and its trailer got stuck under a bridge. Rescue operations continued for many hours, and attempts to pull the trailer from under the bridge were unsuccessful. A large crowd gathered around the scene of the accident. Traffic has been congested for miles. Finally, a little boy goes to a policeman and says, why don’t they deflate off the tire? The solution is so easy. Only one boy can think creatively.

I remember once, my son was only three years old at the time, playing toy tinker with my wife. She taught it the shape. When it comes to making a circle, my wife says the child can’t do it with straight pieces. However, the boy didn’t really understand the word “impossible”. It proved its mother’s mistake by connecting a series of short straight pieces together to form a “circle” shape. I think that’s quite profound for the age of three.

The meaning of "creativity" in work and life (part 1)

=> Creation is not necessarily creating new things. Creativity is renewing the old with your flair. That is the secret to bringing satisfaction above expectations to everyone. For Hao Phuong, sophistication and creativity are the qualities that each member looks forward on the path of personal improvement. That is also one of the core values ​​of Hao Phuong. The following lesson is very valuable in the sharing series about Hao Phuong’s Creation. Please keep reading!

Story 2: The Fosbury Flop

Dick was a high jump athlete using scissor jump, and the world record for the high jump back then was 1m53. Then, someone else broke Dick’s record with a straddle-style with a 1m6 record, far ahead of Dick’s record.

Dick was very troubled by this since the world hasn’t been using the Scissors jump ever since. However, Dick is not used to the straddle-style so he insists on the Scissors jump and is always humiliated when he plays. Competitors, therefore, mocked Dick as outdated and old-fashioned. Dick was sad but determined to improve his high jump style. He kicked his feet higher and threw his butt high, accepted that the fall was painful and his performance improved again by 15cm.

And then in 1968 appeared a historic jump in the world high jump field. When Dick made a radical improvement by doing a low scissor style and stretching his shoulders over the bar before stretching his legs over the bar, he won the world gold medal with a record several tens of centimeters above the straddle-style that the opponent has surpassed him for many years.

Dick’s Fosbury style is considered to be the greatest creation in the history of the world’s high-jump village and it is an evolution of his own Scissors jump. The whole world does the high-jump in the way Dick invented.

The meaning of "creativity" in work and life (part 1)

The lesson here is

Creative thinking is the key to the constantly developing world, only creative thinking is capable of helping people discover and invent great works. Playing an important role in making social change, helping society make long strides in history.