The importance of I.T department in Hao Phuong

The importance of I.T department in Hao Phuong

Have you ever asked, what is I.T? How important is it in Hao Phuong’s development today?

Let’s try to look back: If it used to take 10 days to 2 weeks to send mail from Vietnam to the US, now it only takes a few seconds using Email. Instead of writing letters with pen and paper, buying stamps, envelopes, and going to the post office to send, now you just need to compose the content and send the file by email when your computer is connected to the Internet, not only cost savings but also ensure information is safe for recipients.

The timely arrival of I.T products has firstly reduced the use time significantly compared to traditional practices. Next, work efficiency increased sharply, with few errors. In the end, it is cost-effective.

In short, I.T helps people connect closer together, transmit information more quickly and accurately, … bring many other practical benefits to all of our activities.

And Hao Phuong’s I.T division is also the unit that takes on such a large role, constantly improving the function, contributing to the development of the company.

Brief introduction of Hao Phuong’s IT department

Since its establishment, Hao Phuong has continuously developed strongly and gradually affirmed its important role in the economy. Along with that development, the need to have a department to take care of the operation of technology systems in all activities of the company is very necessary.

Officially launched in 2017, the IT (Information Technology) division of Hao Phuong Technical Services Department was established in order to in charge of researching and implementing all of the activities in the field of information technology aims to quickly apply information technology applications to the management and development of production and business activities in the entire company system.

Now, by perfecting its core functions, the IT department has played a very important role in improving Hao Phuong’s success in meeting the needs of automation in all activities of production and business, as a basis for Hao Phuong, to continue pioneering to solve challenges in the new era.

Functions and duties of the IT department

  • Installing IT equipment such as computers, printers, software installation, … receiving requests and troubleshooting during the use of software, operating computers, hardware systems, …

In a network-based, computer-like work environment like Hao phuong, everyday problems around computer systems are constantly occurring and require immediate, prompt, and timely repairs according to degree of work. Therefore, the IT department is in charge of researching, developing, designing, installing of computer components, software, … to ensure that the computer system is always operating most efficiently and efficiently. Besides, IT staff also repair and maintain the physical components of the computer such as the monitor, keyboard, mouse, processor, …

Manage the information technology system, maintain stability and ensure the operation

After applying IT to management, almost all business information, documents, processes, including senior management such as analytical support, decision making, and important business reports are accepted. the reality on IT systems. IT is the department in charge of managing, ensuring continuous updating and stable operation of Hao Phuong data information system.

  • Design, deploy, manage, and operate the company’s software such as ERP HR software, accounting software, …
  • Support the departments to make data reports taken from the system, serving for operation, work, …

With the function of storing all information and data of Hao Phuong, IT department is responsible for supporting and providing information and data for departments and division when required in a timely and accurate manner, making sure the work goes on schedule.

  • Deploying rules to ensure security for the company, proposing solutions, helping the company operate optimally, increase efficiency, reduce costs …

What information should be kept confidential? Customer information, employee information, business status, strategic information, … are the information that needs to be kept confidential in the company system. IT department, in addition to the above functions, has an extremely important function of proposing solutions, implementing rules to ensure security on all systems such as website, customer relationship, … At the same time, giving general rules for all employees to follow because only a small mistake (opening an email containing malicious code, or setting a Facebook password is too simple) can cause the company to be attacked by the network causing severe harm.

The importance of I.T department in Hao Phuong

Installing software and repairing equipment is one of the functions of the IT department

  • In addition, the IT department performs other tasks

– Implementing strategies and annual budget plans. Proposal for procurement, management of information technology assets of the company.

– Develop documents, forms, training manuals of application software internally.

– Responsible for all matters related to the network security and communication activities of the Company. Backup data periodically, assess and prevent risk incidents.

– Coordinate with portal management departments, implement human resource management, accounting, …

– …

The products that the IT department launched that had and have been applied by Hao Phuong

Everything we are using – the system software the company is using is the product of the IT department. IT is constantly updating, improving, applying new technologies, new processes, … in all production and business activities in Hao Phuong.

May be mentioned as:

  • Deploy CRM module, customer management module on a completely new platform
  • Implement human resource management module – ERP

And soon the I.T dept will deploy purchasing modules, warehouse management, project management, production … to improve production and business activities of the company.

The importance of I.T department in Hao Phuong

HR management software is also a product of IT

With the current development, the I.T dept always has a foothold undertaking extremely important roles in all production and business activities of the company. Hopefully, the IT department will increasingly improve the functions and strong activities, Constantly endeavor with Hao Phuong to develop and be strong in the future. Think together!

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