The difference between using inverter and not using inverter in applications

The difference between using inverter and not using inverter in applications

Thanks to its outstanding features along with modern advanced technology, the inverter is considered a “standard” solution for optimizing operating performance, saving energy, costs and bringing many benefits to customers in most applications today. Let’s learn with Hao Phuong about the difference when using inverters and not using inverters in applications!

Reveal the difference when using an inverter and not using an inverter

Industrial inverters are the solution to the problem of optimizing the motor performance of applications, with many practical benefits such as:

Motor speed can be freely changed

  • When not using the inverter:

You cannot change the engine speed and need to adjust the airflow using a damper (on-off valve). Even if you reduce the airflow, the amount of electricity used will not change significantly.

  • When using the inverter:

Motor speed can be freely changed. For fans and pumps, the power saving effect is huge.

Smooth engine start and stop

  • When the inverter is not installed:

If starting the motor directly from the grid, the speed cannot be controlled at start and when stopped, sudden start or stop will cause the load on the horizontal conveyor to fall, the belt may suddenly be stretched. broken. The problem of shock and mechanical wear is out of control.

  • When installing the inverter:

The inverter helps the process of starting and stopping smoothly so that the object placed on the conveyor does not fall, even though the process of starting and stopping the motor takes place continuously, minimizing mechanical wear.

Reduce power supply capacity

  • When the inverter is not installed:

When starting directly, the starting current is many times larger than the rated current, causing the power consumption to skyrocket.

  • When installing the inverter:

The inverter helps to start smoothly, making the starting current lower than the rated current, saving electricity at this time. At the same time, do not cause voltage drop (even damage) to other electrical equipment in the same system. In addition, for applications requiring flow/pressure control such as pump loads, fans, air compressors, etc., the inverter will help regulate or stop the motor in idle mode, thereby saving maximum electricity consumption capacity.

Meets almost any application

  • When the inverter is not installed:

You can simply turn on the engine to meet basic applications, not technically demanding, not optimizing productivity as well as costs.

  • When using the inverter

For applications that need speed synchronization, such as paper, textile, plastic packaging, printing, steel, … or applications that need to control flow or pressure, such as water industry, compressed air, … or applications like cranes, elevators, etc. The use of inverters is inevitable, meeting technology requirements and improving productivity.

Engine protection

  • When not using the inverter:

When starting directly, the problem of engine shock and mechanical wear is inevitable. In the long run, it will lead to damage, reduced engine life, costly maintenance or more engine replacement.

  • When using the inverter:

The inverter helps to start the process from low speed, avoid sudden start, avoid damage to mechanical parts, bearings, increase engine life. In addition, the inverter usually has an electronic system of overcurrent protection, high voltage and low voltage protection, creating a safe system when operating.

Save energy and operating costs

  • When the inverter is not installed:

Flow control devices such as pumps, fans, compressors, etc. are usually controlled by traditional methods, so they always work with high and continuous energy loss.

  • When installing the inverter:

Thanks to the working principle of inverting through diodes and capacitors, the cos phi coefficient is at least 0.96, the reactive power from the motor is very low, almost ignored, so the current is significantly reduced during the process. operation process, reducing costs in the installation of capacitor banks, minimizing line loss, saving power to the maximum.

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