The atmosphere of Hao Phuong booth on the last day of the 2019 VIMF exhibition.

Today, June 14 is the last day of the 2019 Vietnam Industry and Manufacturing Fair (VIMF). How is the atmosphere at Hao Phuong booth today? Let’s explore right away.

The number of visitors to Hao Phuong booth was still as crowded as 2 days ago.

Although today is the last day of the 2019 VIMF exhibition. But not so that the interest of customers for Hao Phuong company decreases. Since opening, many visitors stopped at the exhibition that had visited the company’s booth. This is a good signal in this last day.

Khách tham quan ngày cuối 1Khách tham quan ngày cuối 2Visitors constantly stop to visit Hao Phuong booth

Please join us to review the impressive images of Hao Phuong on the last day of the 2019 VIMF exhibition:

Aster tại VIMF 2019Aster trade team visited Hao Phuong booth

Hạo Phương VIMF ngày 3Hạo Phương VIMF ngày 3 ảnh 2Hạo Phương VIMF ngày 3 ảnh 3The smile of the Hao Phuong team still bloomed on the lips after all difficulties.

Hao Phuong collective poured much effort into this exhibition. Not only during the 3 days of the exhibition, but the preparation was also planned and implemented many months earlier. To have a successful exhibition like today requires the contribution and coordination of many departments and divisions.

Although it is hard, the smile is always on the collective of the Hao Phuong staff. This is a testament to the spirit of wholeheartedly serving the company’s customers.

Nụ cười Hạo PhươngNụ cười Hạo Phương 2Nụ cười Hạo Phương 4

Despite hard work, the staff of Hao Phuong always smiled

Hao Phuong would like to thank our customers and partners for taking the time to visit our booth to learn about this year’s VIMF exhibition. Goodbye and see you again next year.