The 2019 Hao Phuong Annual Sport Festival.

The sports festival is one of the most anticipated activities of the year at Hao Phuong. The annual 2019 Hao Phuong Sports Festival will be back in July, promising many interesting and interesting things.

The purpose of the sports festival 

Similarly, in the past years, Hao Phuong Annual Sports Festival was organized with 2 main purposes. The first is to build a spirit of solidarity between departments and divisions as well as every member of the company. The second is to contribute to health training as well as to improve the morale of employees. This is also the occasion to exchange and learn experiences in sports competitions for members of the company after the half-way of 2019.

The content of the Sports Festival

In previous years, Hao Phuong’s sports festival consisted of a football tournament only. This year, this activity will return with a completely new look. In addition to football, this year’s program also has other attractive team competitions. These competitions promise to increase competitiveness and attractiveness for this year’s event. The program will last throughout July and August.

Time and venue for the sports festival

  • Time:        from July 19 to August 10, 2019
  • venue     Hiep Binh Phuoc football field, Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh City

The organizers hope to receive the enthusiastic participation of all members of the company. All news and events related to the sports festival will be continuously updated in the following articles. Don’t forget to follow up to join the sports atmosphere this year.

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The atmosphere of the 2018 Hao Phuong Group football tournament