Technology 4.0 will change the F&B Industry

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Technology 4.0 is increasingly affecting many industries. Including the food and beverage industry (F&B). This judgment was made after the end of the Hannover Messe Fair 2019 (Germany). This is the largest industrial technology fair in the world.

Many platforms that change F&B industry appear at the show

“Factory of the future” of Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak is a business providing food processing and packaging solutions from Sweden. The company brought to the Hannover Messes exhibition the technology platforms that could change the F&B industry in the near future.

Specifically, through this technology platform, factories will become smarter. They will have less negative impact on the environment and make the product packaging become a multi-dimensional information channel. This greatly supports both manufacturers, resellers and consumers.

Tetra Pak is developing a “factory of the future”. These plants will be able to “communicate” with each other. In addition, they can communicate with all digital systems during operation. They can automatically accept multiple tasks. For example, analyze problems, order and deliver accessories, or determine which engineer is best suited to solve a job.

Factory simulation of the future of Tetra Pak

Factory simulation of the future of Tetra Pak

Since then, human resources will only focus on factory management, making decisions quickly and accurately. This helps to increase production speed, reduce errors and reduce defective products.

Packaging platform is interconnected

Another solution that Tetra Pak demoed at this exhibition is the packaging platform that is interconnected. This platform turns milk and juice cartons from a simple function into a digitalized one. Specifically, conventional packaging only protects the food. But it can now become an interactive information channel, full data transmission and a digital tool.

Tetra Pak's interconnected packaging platform Tetra Pak’s interconnected packaging platform

The benefits of this platform

Through a combination of QR codes, digitized printing and data management, this solution will be of great benefit. This benefit does not just belong to food manufacturers. It also belongs to retailers and consumers.

Seek an origin

Understandably, Tetra Pak’s interconnected packaging allows food companies to trace from beginning to end. This helps increase productivity, control quality and create a transparent supply chain. The solution can trace and retrieve the history or location of any product. Thereby allowing to evaluate the effectiveness of sales products on the market. In addition, it is also easier to detect potential problems.

Provide enough information

For retailers, the solution helps provide real-time supply chain information. This ability allows distributors to track inventory situation. In addition, they are alerted when problems arise, controlling the performance of deliveries.

On the buyers’ side, through QR codes, customers will capture various information of the product. For example, the place of origin, the place of origin of the material, the place where the paper box was recycled …

Tetra Pak cooperates with ABB to develop technology 4.0 applied in F&B industry

ABB is a globally renowned corporation in the fields of electrical technology and automation. Tetra Pak is currently working with ABB to develop an energy usage assessment program. This project will help F&B producers minimize their environmental impact. Besides it will cut operating costs and maximize profits. The program allows an overall evaluation of the plant. Since then formulating proposals to cut energy consumption in appropriate areas. These plans help businesses make more accurate decisions. Typically, how to use existing resources. Specific tests in the Americas show that carbon emissions and energy costs can be reduced when producing food and beverages. The percentage drops from 15% to 25%.

Other projects of Tetra Pak with technology giants

In addition to ABB, Tetra Pak is currently cooperating with leading names. Their goal is to go further in digitizing food production. Some outstanding names such as Microsoft, SAP or Elettric80. Tetra Pak aims to lead the digital transformation in the food manufacturing industry. From there they are able to support more global customers in the digital era.

Overview of the Hannover Messe fair 2019

Overview of the Hannover Messe fair 2019

Technology 4.0 is forecast to change the entire world industry. Please read our articles to constantly update the latest information offline.

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