An overview of the surveillance security system

Feature image security system

Currently, security protection systems are smart solutions to ensure the safety of buildings. They are increasingly modernized to meet the needs of users. Let’s take a closer look of this system in the following article.

Why is surveillance security system becoming increasingly important?

Security system is an important and indispensable element for every construction. For example, houses, apartments, buildings, commercial centers, businesses, schools … It is like a bodyguard who can protect these buildings 24/24 against the potential dangers. Modern technology has introduced a surveillance security system with many rounds of protection. These include access control systems, CCTV systems and alarm systems.

The use of security monitoring system in construction works will contribute to ensure maximum safety for people living in the building.

The components of surveillance security systems

Access control system

The function of this system is to completely control the distribution and circulation of groups of people. This system includes surveillance cameras. They will record images of vehicles entering and leaving the building. Next to it are the swipe card from parking machines. Therefore, this system is present in parking lots, basements of high-rise buildings, shopping centers or supermarkets.

Parking card scanning machine

Parking card scanning machine

CCTV system

Cameras are installed in all key areas. For example, gates, lobbies, corridors, fences … Currently the CCTV is equipped with high technology. They are capable of meeting users’ safety protection needs.

CCTV cameras can record images inside and outside. The image (video clip) is then transmitted to the supervisor. This process takes place through devices such as computers and smartphones connected to the Internet. Thereby the supervisor can manage the operation of the project more proactively and conveniently.

Security camera

Security camera

The advantages of surveillance cameras in the present time

On the market today, all kinds of CCTV are manufactured by modern technology. So the image will have high resolution and clarity (full HD or more). Thanks to the application of transmission solutions as well as HD signal distribution, the cameras ensure that images are transmitted with constant quality. CCTV system ensures 24/24 operation even during power failure.

Warning system

This system includes compact wireless devices. They are equipped with intelligent sensors. This design will help alert immediately when unauthorized intrusion. Specifically, the alarm system includes a central control unit with sensors and signaling devices. This system is capable of detecting invalid movements or intruding actions.  Alarm system is an effective tool to help monitor and protect property.

In addition to intrusion alerts, the alarm system also includes many other warning devices. For example, a fire warning or a gas leak warning. All of these devices are capable of alerting, managing and controlling remotely via Internet-connected devices.

Automatic fire alarm system

Automatic fire alarm system

Security system for monitoring household use

Safety is always a family’s concern. Security monitoring system is the optimal solution for this need. This solution helps to absolutely protect your family from the dangers lurking.

External Security system

Includes warning devices installed in the areas of gates and fences. For example, an alarm or a flashing light. When an unauthorized intruder is detected, the strobe light will be turned on, the alarm will sound loudly to alert the intruder. Text alerts will also be sent to the host immediately.

Internal security system

That is the surveillance camera system, fire alarms and gas leak alarms. Sensors are also often installed in garages or kitchens. The fire alarm will sound continuously for 5 minutes right after the fire occurs and. The alarm system immediately sends a message to the host. If after 5 minutes without a fire alarm disconnect, the system will automatically disconnect the entire house to prevent fire spread.

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