Summary of news in June of Hao Phuong

Summary of news in June of Hao Phuong

The sun in July spread the warm, dazzling air, with beams of heat, glistening, glorious, and grumpy. July is coming! Bringing bright golden sunshine mixed with sudden showers, it evoked in Hao Phuong many fond memories in June full of enthusiasm, enthusiasm, and success. Let’s review the latest news, activities, and updates with Hao Phuong in this June 2021 general newsletter!

Hao Phuong’s new announcement

Hao Phuong updated the new price list

Due to the sharp increase in input prices of products, Hao Phuong would like to send to our customers and partners the latest adjustments in the price list in 2021.

  • See the latest price list: Here

News and outstanding activities of Hao Phuong in June

Hao Phuong sends thousands of wishes on International Children’s Day June 1st

Vietnam is the first country in Asia and the second in the world to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child – the first international legal instrument to comprehensively address the rights of children. On the occasion of International Children’s Day, Hao Phuong gave the children of officials and employees in the company a meaningful gift, complete with colleagues.

Hao Phuong equips more than 200 anti-droplet glasses for all employees

Quickly grasping the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, which is becoming more complicated, on the afternoon of June 4, Hao Phuong quickly equipped more than 200 anti-droplet goggles for all officers and employees, contributing to raise awareness and protect the health of each employee. At the same time, expressing the affection and responsibility of the Board of Directors in sharing and encouraging the spirit of each member, working together to effectively prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic.

Hao Phuong equips more than 200 face shields for all employees

Hao Phuong organizes thematic online training “Harmonics” in 2021

During the online training session, Hao Phuong’s officers and employees have imparted more specialized knowledge about the concept of harmonics, the causes of harmonics, etc. Thereby, improving their professional knowledge and experience. practical experience, to always be ready to support and accompany customers and partners in solving new challenges.

Hao Phuong celebrates their birthday online in June 2021 with the captain – Nguyen Tat Duong

The month of June is gentle, filled with the love of passionate people in the big Hao Phuong family, for members who have a birthday in June. In particular, Hao Phuong dearly sends loving wishes to his brother. Even Nguyen Tat Duong, although it was just a simple and quick zoom birthday, it contained all of Hao Phuong’s most meaningful wishes, joy, faith and pride.

Hao Phuong celebrates its birthday online in June 2021 with the captain – Nguyen Tat Duong

Hao Phuong actively implements spraying and disinfecting measures at the company

In two days, Saturday (June 19) and Sunday (June 26), Hao Phuong and related units conducted disinfection and sterilization at the company. In the spirit of prevention is better than cure, over the past time, Hao Phuong has implemented and continuously implemented measures to prevent and control the epidemic, in the spirit of winning the Covid-19 pandemic.

Project News in June

Robot Palletizing – The choice to fully automate the packaging process in production

Currently, Robot Palletizer has become the perfect choice, helping to automate the packaging stage in production completely, with practical benefits for businesses such as: Cost savings, space reduction use, improve productivity, product quality, etc.

Palletizing Robot – The choice to completely automate the palletizing process in production

Explore from A to Z the Robotic Palletizer system

In 2020, Hao Phuong integrated 7 robotic arms into the auto packing system with fast and accurate speed, which improved the factory’s production productivity by 3 times and completely liberated the labor of traditional workers. system. Let’s explore with Hao Phuong from A to Z this Robotic Palletizer system in the article below!

Library of catalog, product price list

Hao Phuong’s complete catalog and price list of industrial electrical equipment is regularly updated to help customers more conveniently when choosing suitable equipment and products. In particular, customers can quickly download all necessary documents for free.

>> Hao Phuong Catalog

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