Summary of news in July of Hao Phuong

Summary of news in July of Hao Phuong

Goodbye, July, welcome August – The season changes between late summer and early autumn. At Hao Phuong, disease prevention is also tightened, ensuring a safe and stable working environment for officials and employees. Through this, let’s join Hao Phuong to summarize all the latest news, activities, and updates in the past 07/2021!

Announcement of IDEC – The leading accessory brand in Japan

IDEC launches new replacement for Terminal block BTB/BTBH series

Terminal block series BTB/BTBH will stop production and new terminal block series BTBH – *** H will be launched by IDEC in August 2021, with specific information as follows: Discontinued product lines , characteristics of alternative product lines, changed details, etc.

IDEC launches new replacement for Terminal block BTB / BTBH

Hao Phuong’s new update notice

Hao Phuong changed the delivery method during the Covid-19 epidemic

Currently, the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic is very stressful and constantly increasing every day. Therefore, in order to be proactive in implementing the directives of the Prime Minister and departments. At the same time, to protect the health of employees and customers, Hao Phuong Joint Stock Company is pleased to announce the change of delivery method.

News and outstanding activities of Hao Phuong in July

Hao Phuong actively implements spraying disinfection measures at the company

Each of us has a role to play in reducing and slowing the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, in two days, Saturday (June 19) and Sunday (June 26), Hao Phuong conducted disinfection and sterilization at the company. Contributing to raising the awareness and responsibility of each citizen and demonstrating the consensus and determination to prevent and control the epidemic of the Board of Directors and all officers and employees at Hao Phuong.

Hao Phuong actively implements disinfection and sterilization spraying at the company

Hao Phuong strengthens disease prevention by  Covid-19 rapid antigen test

Covid-19 is an “invisible killer” when it is spreading rapidly, without showing any obvious symptoms. Recognizing the current complicated situation, on the morning of July 16, Hao Phuong coordinated with Thuan An Medical Center and organized a quick test for all officers and employees on duty and on duty. at the head office of Binh Duong.

Summary of news in July of Hao Phuong

Happy birthday to Hao Phuong members in July 2021

As a traditional beauty, every month, Hao Phuong always sends the most practical birthday wishes and gifts to the company’s members. July too, so gentle and cool, let’s join Hao Phuong to send meaningful birthday wishes to the members with birthdays in July 2021!

Project News in July

OMBA robot – The trend of automating the bagging process at feed factories

Hao Phuong is a comprehensive supplier of the OMBA automatic bagging system, helping businesses adapt to the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, opening the “new normal” and creating a trend for process automation. produce animal feed in the factory, with many practical values: Reduce costs, ensure uniformity, ….

OMBA robot – The trend of automating the bagging process at feed factories

Take advantage of the durable 24/7 operation of the Palletizing Robot in the packaging stage

Thanks to taking advantage of the 24/7 operation of the Palletizing Robot, the packaging stage has been completely innovated and shown outstanding advantages, contributing to improving productivity, increasing product quality, Cost optimization for businesses.

Library of catalog, product price list

Hao Phuong’s complete catalog and price list of industrial electrical equipment is regularly updated to help customers more conveniently when choosing suitable equipment and products. In particular, customers can quickly download all necessary documents for free.

>> Hao Phuong Catalog

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