Summary of April 2020 News of Hao Phuong

Summary of April 2020 News of Hao Phuong

April hurriedly came, followed by the early rains that made people feel like blending into the gentle breeze and the hot summer sun. And in Hao Phuong’s family, what is April like? To help our customers better understand the activities of Hao Phuong in the last April, we would like to update the highlights of the past month.

Hao Phuong’s April newsletter has the following content:

Hao Phuong News

Amidst the complicated situation of COVID-19, Hao Phuong complied with the regulations of the State. Last April, we minimized our internal daily events. Let’s take a look at some of our typical activities below.

Hao Phuong installed the 1MWp Solar power system for an aquatic food producing and trading factory in An Hiep – Ben Tre.

This is a project to deploy the investment program of a grid-connected solar power system installed on the roof of the Raw Material Warehouse with a capacity of 1000kWp at the C.P Vietnam factory in An Hiep industrial park, Ben Tre province. This system will serve the needs of electricity supply for 5 areas in the complex of aquatic feed production at the factory. Once completed, this project will help businesses save costs, reduce environmental pollution as well as bring significant benefits by selling excess electricity each month. learn more here.

The article that won the first prize in the second writing contest “Hao Phuong 15 years of establishment and development”

After only a short time to launch the 2nd writing contest with the theme “Hao Phuong 15 years of establishment and development”, the Organizing Committee has received many articles sent to the them. The article which won the first prize is full of sentiments, the thoughts from the bottom of her heart that the author has not had the opportunity to express about the second home of her life. Please read this article here.

The second writing contest “Hao Phuong 15 years of establishment and development” (Second Prize)

In addition to the first prize of the contest, there are 02 equally interesting articles those are 2 entries that won the second prize of this contest. Each article has different levels of emotions but it is the heart of the members of Hao Phuong sent to his 2nd beloved family. See more here.

The knowledge bookcase

Customers and readers can learn the detailed article about the product of Hao Phuong here. These articles will provide useful information and knowledge in the industrial electricity industry for customers as well as readers. >> View the knowledge bookcase

New knowledge

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  • Idec YW emergency push button
  • What is the Terminal Block? Useful information you need to know
  • How to arrange the terminal block in the electrical cabinet

Library of product catalogs

The full and free catalog of industrial electrical equipment catalogs updated by Hao Phuong regularly helps customers be more convenient when using our products. >> Hao Phuong Catalog

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