Some basic methods of controlling the inverter.

This article will provide the most basic knowledge for you to know how to control the inverter.

Method 1: Use the keyboard available at the drive to control

This is the most basic inverter control method. On this set of keyboards, there is an up and down key (or rotary knob) used to change the frequency of the inverter. RUN groups (for inverter running), STOP (stop inverter), FOR (forward), REV (backward). Different types of inverters have a different keyboard layout.

Method 2: run multi-level speed

Speed levels (frequency) are pre-installed in the drive. The inverter will run at this frequency, corresponding to the input value supplied to the device.

Method 3: control the inverter via communication

The inverter will be controlled via communication networks. Examples are RS 485, 422, Modbus RTU, ASCII, or other complex communication standards. Industrial inverter control devices are usually controllers such as PLCs, HMIs, control cards …

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Operating the inverter (illustration image)

Method 4: Use potentiometer variation

A variable potentiometer (3 pins, rotating volume) is used to adjust the frequency of the inverter. Drive control command comes in, running back and forth through the push button to be pressed through the inverter’s input.

Some notes when using the inverter

  • The temperature in the control room where the drive is located should be maintained at 22ºC.
  • Room for inverter must be dry, no corrosive or dust.
  • Inverter cabinets must be capable of good ventilation or ventilation fans.
  • Do not arbitrarily connect or change parameters that the company’s engineers have set up.
  • Do not touch the machine while it is operating due to the inverter’s heat sink when the motor is operating up to 800ºC.
  • Do not touch the onboard components of the inverter.
  • Do not let metal substances fall into the boards.
  • Disconnect power before proceeding with maintenance.
  • When the power is disconnected, the power is still stored in the DC capacitor with high voltage, it needs to wait 15 minutes for the capacitor to discharge the stored energy, bringing the capacitor to a safe threshold before reuse.
  • Grounding for the drive avoids electrical leakage
  • Periodical maintenance up to 2 years/time.
  • The installation and maintenance of the inverter are relatively complicated, so using a team of experts and engineers with specialization and experience.

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The construction of the Inverter

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