Solar power – The solution to generate profits from the investment of businesses

Solar power - The solution to generate profits from the investment of businesses

If you are looking for an investment model with less risk than investments in stocks, bonds, bank deposits, etc., then investing in solar power is the right decision. Because, Solar power system is a solution that brings many practical benefits to businesses, and at the same time, generates profits from the initial investment extremely effectively.

Profit-generating solution – Solar power

Solar panels are not an expense they are one of the best ways to invest. Because the profit from a solar power investment has been put on the balance sheet to compare with investments: Stocks, bonds, bank deposits, etc. These investments all carry quite high risks. . Because the investment must depend on many external factors, it may be the financial situation of the bank, deposit interest rates, etc.

Investing in a solar power model is less risky than other models. Because, this system has an input source of solar energy. This is a clean, limitless energy source that is easily absorbed and converts sunlight directly into electricity for use by solar panels. Besides, all conditions such as the number of hours of sunshine, radiation level, etc. of Vietnam are suitable for businesses to invest in.

According to many assessments, solar power systems have the ability to generate annual profits from 10% to more than 30%, helping businesses save electricity money on bills significantly, payback period from 8-10 years. , while the life cycle of the system is up to tens of years (maybe > 25 years). That is, the source of income for several years after the payback is completely free.

Solar power - The solution to generate profits from the investment of businesses

Solar power - The solution to generate profits from the investment of businesses

6 benefits when businesses install Solar power systems

Today, solar power is becoming a sustainable energy source, generating profits for businesses and bringing many other benefits such as:

  • Saving electricity costs.
  • Reducing the negative impact on the living environment.
  • Cooling and protecting roof infrastructure more durable.
  • Autonomous about a part of the energy used, no worries when electricity prices increase.
  • Enhancing the reputation and brand value of the business.
  • Help reduce the pressure on power sources for the electricity industry, promote socio-economic development.

Reputable grid-connected solar power construction unit in Vietnam for businesses

Hao Phuong is a pioneer, always leading in consulting, construction, and installation of grid-tied solar power solutions. After more than 16 years of establishment and development, Hao Phuong is ready to bring comprehensive solar power solutions from the world’s leading brands such as SMA, LAPP, etc. And accompany businesses to design a suitable solution. suitable, helping to save electricity costs while ensuring the efficiency of a power supply according to the needs of users.

Solar power - The solution to generate profits from the investment of businesses

Why choose Hao Phuong’s grid-connected solar power?

  • Hao Phuong’s grid-connected solar power system operates with high efficiency.
  • Ensure safety.
  • Hao Phuong owns a team of engineers trained in renewable energy.
  • Hao Phuong is proud to be a long-standing enterprise in the market, always meeting the best technical standards for many grid-connected solar power projects of commercial companies, government, schools, factories, etc. hotels, resorts,…

The special feature of the Solar power model at Hao Phuong

  • Design green buildings in the way of businesses.
  • Ensure the highest technical, safety and performance standards for the project.
  • Optimize output with system design using specialized software.
  • Guaranteed top performance for a fast return on investment.
  • Easy to clean and maintain the panels.
  • Ensure electrical safety and wind storm.
  • Increase the aesthetics of the building.
  • Fully meet EVN’s electrical technical standards.

Hao Phuong – A place to experience one of the best services

  • Reasonable installation costs.
  • Bring high business efficiency with the best investment cost.
  • Show corporate responsibility to the environment and nature.
  • Make sure the system is durable.
  • Long warranty period (12 years battery, 5 years inverter)
  • Enterprises can easily upgrade and expand the system.
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When you have a request for advice, installation of a solar power system or support for a solar power project Solar – Clean energy for the green world, please contact us immediately via Hotline: 1800 6547 (Toll free switchboard). ), operating 24/7. Hao Phuong is always ready to support quickly and bring the most “standard” solutions Hao Phuong!