Launching Hao Phuong’s customer care Call Center.

Hao Phuong ra mat tong dai moi

Hao Phuong launched a customer care call center.

In order to improve the quality of customer care services, from March 1, 2017, Hao Phuong officially launched and put into operation the Customer care call center: 1800 6547.

Telephone number of the switchboard at Home Banner of Hao Phuong

The new switchboard will receive and answer all customers’ information and inquiries quickly and promptly.
When putting this switchboard into operation, Hao Phuong desired:

  • Improve customer service quality.
  • Synchronize the management system between the main office and the branch.
  • Improve corporate identity image.
  • Optimize the operation of the team between the two regions.

For Southern Region customers: 1800 6547 + key 1.
For customers in the Northern Region: 1800 6547 + key 2

chăm sóc khách hàng Hạo Phương

Advantages of using the Customer Care Call Center:

  • Use 1 phone number, contact all parts. (The call will be redirected to the right department where you need to meet)
  • Missed calls will be recorded and contacted by the staff as soon as possible.
  • Call recording for the purpose of limiting mistakes when you have an order; along with evaluating the quality of care of the operator.

With a well-trained and professional staff. Opening the switchboard to care for customers, partly helps customers more convenient in using Hao Phuong’s services.

Call 1800 6547 right away when you have any need to learn about the product, assist with answering information, or have problems with the equipment you are using.

Customer Service Center Hao Phuong – Contact easily, Feedback quickly.