SLAM technology used on AGV self-propelled vehicles

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AGV self-propelled vehicles are increasingly popular in today’s industries. This vehicle uses many technologies to operate. The most common and effective is SLAM. So what is SLAM? How is its application? Let’s find out right in this article.

Introducing some features of SLAM technology used on AGV self-propelled vehicles

Navigation is a key feature of AGV self-driving vehicles

AGV self-propelled vehicles are driven by a variety of technologies. For example, laser navigation, magnetic lines, magnetic spots, etc. Currently the areas of application for AGV are expanding. As a result, the demand for better features and performance is also increasing.

AGV is widely used in many environments. For example, warehouses, production areas … by the efficiency and savings that it brings. In addition, AGV needs reliable positioning to make the system work properly and accurately. This makes positioning a major feature of AGV systems.

Normally for AGV to orient correctly in the environment, it is necessary to fix the accompanying guiding devices. For example, magnetic line, magnetic point. This makes changing infrastructure difficult.

What is SLAM technology?

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) is a technology of positioning and mapping at the same time. By using SLAM, infrastructures can change easily. Besides, this technology installation does not take much time.

SLAM uses sensors to scan all surrounding areas and then constructs and shapes a virtual map. Thus AGV can move in the safest and most effective area.

Steps to build a SLAM system



The AGV will be controlled to move to each position, operating area. From there it can scan, build maps and write on the system.

Zoning activities and adding details, location stations on the Map


Use software to build tracks and position stations.

  • Some AGV self-propelled vehicles use SLAM technology


Hopefully, the information on SLAM technology as well as AGV self-driving cars has helped you understand more about these important applications. See you in the next posts.