Security Guard at Hao Phuong

Security Guard at Hao Phuong

What if a company had no security guards? Do you have the peace of mind of working there? According to me and most people, the answer would be no. Why is that? The most accurate answer to this question is: Without a security guard, the company or business absolutely could not guarantee the safety of its employees as well as ensure all the production and business activities in the company go smoothly, … So, What is the role and importance of these security guards for all employees and businesses?  do we truely understand and really know about what is their job? Although I cannot say it all, through this article, I hope that everyone can better understand the work they do every day – This job of sacrificing, hard-working, silent and worthy of respect.

About the security guard

What do the Security Guard do? In essence, there is no clear definition of the jobs they do but depending on the thinking of each person or the orientation of each company, the job is identified in different ways, important or unimportant… But for every employee and Hao Phuong company, they are very important factors that contribute to the development of the company.

As a security guard, in addition to performing the tasks that they have to take first priority to ensure the security and safety issues both for employees and the entire system at the company, they are also responsible for many role, as well as perform other equally important tasks such as supporting on loading, supporting maintenance staff to maintain equipment, checking fire fighting equipment, etc. so that it is completely safe and sound.

Their job is a more specific job because when people are falling asleep, they have to stay up all night to guard the company or when people are busy having breakfast, exercising, they are the one who have to come to the company as soon as possible to open the gate and continue the day-to-day work so that they always ensure to fulfill all the duties and obligations assigned, those times are a time of constant combat for the people in charge of security.

They also have to stand the sun and rain to carry out the tasks of guarding, supporting, arranging the car neatly, at the right place when employees come to work and also when they leave, when there are import and export trips or any one of them. Some employees come in and out of the company, they are also the ones who are on duty to open and close the entrance.

They are the last remaining people in the company to perform the work of checking each room, turning off the electricity, turning off the water, closing the doors when the afternoon is over.

Although there are many people think and that those who do not have a degree or a career would choose this job. But if there was no security guards, who would be the person to move all the vehicles avoiding the sun, if you in charge of purchasing or managing  something with a great value in the company, who would be the supervisor, safeguard the object when you are not at work or when you are away from work, etc. These hardships are known only to those diligent people and not everyone can do it, they do it for the love of their job. And in Hao Phuong, they are the people who are always respected because they are silent heroes, performing silent jobs because their roles and contributions are honorable and worthy of respect.

Hao Phuong’s security team

Accompanying Hao Phuong from the early days of its establishment, the security guards are known to be responsible for security and safety issues both for employees’ assets and the entire system at the company. They are the people who perform the tasks of supporting the staff at the beginning of the day, …, checking the electric light system after work and at night, standing by the security camera room, supervising people in and out to ensure absolute safety.

Always take on and perform the following roles and tasks:

  • Manage and protect production equipment and products of the company.
  • Supervising all vehicles and employees in and out of the company.
  • Transporting goods upon request.
  • Record the information at the entrance of the company.
  • Check the fire fighting equipment, handle situations such as ambulance and fire fighting work.
  • Continuously patrol in order to reduce incidents of fire, explosion, electric shock …
  • Instruct to navigate, support employees to park in the right place.
  • When there are letters, parcels and gifts. The security guard receives it from the hand of the sender and immediately sends it to the clerical section of the processing company.
  • Having a duty of closing and opening the company daily.
  • Supporting the maintenance department to perform repair work at the workplace.
  • Night shift protection, surveillance, monitoring the CCTV
  • Perform the task of ensuring the safety of property and people.
  • Supervise, detect and prevent vandalism in a timely manner.

These roles and tasks above just decribe the importance of security guards, they can affect all production and business activities at the company. They always perform their roles and duties well, and they always show positive contributions in all development strategies of the company. Because they always maintain the concept of human resources working in any position, including their current position as a security guard, they are also very important contributing factors to the development of the company.

Some images of the daily work of security guards in Hao Phuong

Security Guard at Hao Phuong

Security guards were measuring body temperature for employees

Security Guard at Hao Phuong

Instruct employees to park their vehicles in the right place

Security Guard at Hao Phuong

Security guards are monitoring the CCTV

It can be said, no matter what work, in any position, there are times when it is convenient and sometimes difficult. Doing security is no exception. However, with the love for their job, with the meanings of the work at Hao Phuong Security team They always think that: Every day working is a joy, they receive care, communicate, and help their colleagues. That’s why they constantly learn, cultivate professional skills and skills to always promote and devote their best for the work, the company and for themselves.