Schedule and prizes of the football tournament “Hao Phuong Group 2018”

Giải bóng đá hạo hhương group 2018

Hao Phuong Group 2018 Football League

In the atmosphere eagerly waiting for the football festival to be opened on July 27.

Not only are our players racing with time to practice together, but also fans.

Every day, they “whisper” together to stay after work to make plans to prepare banners and slogans …. cheering for your team when you go out.

The spirit of the sisters seems very excited when planning this.

Perhaps this is also the moment when the sisters can “relax” to eliminate the pressure.

Many special and unexpected performances are waiting for the sisters to “reveal” to the last minute.

All preparations from the organizers have been completed, waiting for the teams to compete in a Fairplay way to have beautiful and impressive performances.

Football is considered a king sport because this is the most emotional sport.

There are players on the field, and the stands will be for fans to support the spirit of the players.

Football tournament schedule “Hao Phuong Group 2018”

Which team will be the champion? Which team will win the style award?

Football tournament schedule “Hao Phuong Group 2018”

Which team will be the champion? Which team will win the style award?

6 teams with 6 cheerleading teams, all in the same direction to the upcoming tournament.

As in previous tournaments, the organizers will give the tournament rules and prize structure.

This is also the basis for determining reward or punishment fairly.

This year’s biggest award includes championships and style awards.

Have the players been up to the grand prize this year? And the cheerleaders, prepare banners, slogans, or impressive flashmob dance items to score for your team! all right?

What’s new in this year’s style award!

The organizers set the criteria for rating scores for players but did not forget to calculate points for girls.
The support cost for each cheerleader team is VND 1,500,000 for the support.

In addition to the cost of supporting the cheering of players on the pitch better, here are some criteria to evaluate the score for the style award that the BTC has given:

+ The team has a large number of male and female fans.
+ Team with at least 15 participants until the end of the hour including players and fans.
+ The team has the idea of ​​promoting: “creative, unique, style of the team”.
+ Team with players playing Fairplay on the field.
+ The team has an impressive performance in the final round of the tournament. (note: register at the organizer).

Besides, the individual of any team who is talented, please register with the organizers, this is also one of the points that the organizers rely on to calculate points for your team.

Giải bóng đá Hạo Phương Group 2018, ảnh 2
Structure of the award “Hao Phuong Group 2018”

In addition to the above awards, there are also prizes for individuals who win the “scorer” prize, the prize value is VND 500,000.

Noting the players’ information, the team leaders gathered their players to plan for additional exercises in speed and ability to manage.

In addition, there is good training in attack and defense techniques based on the tactical scheme given by the captain.

All players are in a state of readiness when entering the field in the upcoming fireball matches.