Revealing the most “standard” control devices in the conveyor system

Revealing the most

The conveyor belt is an effective assistant in the food production industry, assembling components, electronic equipment, etc. In particular, this is an important application in the mining industry, coal, … to help speed up the process. transportation and bring many economic benefits. However, for the conveyor to operate efficiently, safely, and to minimize maintenance costs, it is necessary to provide the system with the most “standard” control devices..

Indispensable parts in conveyors

The main driving source of the conveyor belt, creating the main movement is the motor. The motor is connected to a rotating shaft called the active drum through the gearbox, belt, etc. At the end of the conveyor, there is another rotating drum called the passive drum. Two active and passive drums are arranged at the two ends to stretch the conveyor belt (usually rubber), the space between the two drums is the supporting rollers. The entire conveyor is placed on the conveyor frame, supporting and fixing the equipment.

Other parts are also indispensable for today’s conveyors, including the power cords for the motor and the system that handles the conveyor automation control function such as PLC, inverter, sensor. transformers, relays, switches, contactors, etc.The program “Let’s enjoy the full moon festival with children” by Hao Phuong

Ensuring efficient conveyor operation with control devices

Inovance inverter – Good value product line used in conveyors

In order to help the conveyor operate stably, reduce mechanical wear, accurately control the speed, and start and stop the motor smoothly, the inverter is an important device.

Inovance inverters (MD200, MD290, MD310 series) are the choice of most maintenance and technical personnel, widely applied in conveyor systems of factories, workshops, etc. Because these are The product line possesses specifications and features specific to the conveyor industry such as:

  • Power range from 0.4kW to 500kW.
  • User-friendly design, easy to install and install.
  • Enhanced resistance to moisture, dust pollution.
  • Withstand large overload factor: 150% in 60s, 180% in 3s.
  • Can operate in high ambient temperature 45°C.
  • Built-in EMC Filter helps to reduce harmonic noise.
  • Standard Compliant: EN61800-3 Category C2 2nd Environment.
  • Good price.

Fuji Electric inverter – Japanese quality product line for conveyor system

In addition, the Frenic Mini, Frenic Mega, Frenic ACE, etc. series of inverters from the Fuji Electric brand are also prioritized for the conveyor system, thanks to their extremely flexible ability for many types of loads. light load, horizontal load, vertical load) and high quality from leading technology in Japan.

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Attractive features of Fuji Electric inverter, suitable for conveyor system such as:

  • Wide power range: 0.1kW-630kW.
  • Overload factor 150%/min, 200%/5s.
  • Detachable Keypad for remote control.
  • The inverter series is ideal for high-precision position control.
  • Synchronous motor control (PMSM) function.
  • Durable operation life, can be up to more than 10 years.
  • Meets almost any international standard.
  • Competitive price.

Circuit breaker for Conveyor

Currently, Fuji Electric – One of the oldest corporations producing electrical equipment in Japan, has brought to the market many different types of Aptomat such as MCB, RCBO, MCCB, ELCB, ACB, … with a wide range of products. Available in a wide variety of sizes, helping to meet almost any application requirement, especially in your conveyor application.

  • Direct production from Japanese technology.
  • The switching capacity is up to 9000 times.
  • Easily add auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts, closing coils, cut-off coils.
  • Extremely economical price.
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Contactor for conveyor system

With direct production from technology in Japan, the Contactor of Fuji Electric has become the perfect choice in conveyor applications,… thanks to many outstanding features, high safety, stability. good definition,…and there are some more outstanding features, such as:

  • Operating range from 2A to 800A.
  • Wide voltage operating range 24V-380V
  • Can use AC/DC current.
  • Easily change coils with similar products.
  • Standard size, suitable for almost any electrical cabinet, making it easy to install.
  • Convenient for attaching additional auxiliary contacts (front, top, and side).
  • Ability to switch over 2,000,000 times.
  • The product is equipped with an arc extinguishing mechanism, low power consumption, easy operation.

Hao Phuong – The leading importer and distributor of electrical equipment in Vietnam

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