Raising the sense of responsibility in the work of each officer and employee (Part 2)

Raising the sense of responsibility in the work of each officer and employee (Part 2)

Responsibility at work is an extremely important quality, but not everyone understands its core. This quality is actually formed in the process of learning from those around it.

Hao Phuong continues to tell you  a good story to talk about a sense of responsibility (see part 1). This is the deepest lesson of a sense of responsibility that any of us, regardless of working position, need to learn and draw lessons for ourselves.

The lesson of a sense of responsibility is for those who are undisciplined, irresponsible and self-intelligent

One evening, 4 students pulled together to have a drink all night long in spite of an important exam the next morning. They bunched their heads together and formulated a very clever plan.

That is: All 4 people put oil on their own clothes, face, and nose to look as messy as possible and dragged them to meet the professor in charge.

“Yesterday we attended a friend’s wedding, but on the way back, unfortunately, the car had a flat tire. The place was so deserted that we had to push our car from midnight to morning without seeing the repair shop. We couldn’t sleep the whole night so we didn’t have a clear mind to take the exams anymore ”.

The professor turned his back to think for a moment and then allowed all 4 students to go home to rest, a few more days there will be another exam. They deeply thanked and promised to prepare well for this test.

Exactly 3 days later, they went to the professor as scheduled. He said this was a special test so the 4 people had to sit separately, not allowed chatting.

Of course, these people have carefully prepared their homework so they are extremely confident. And, the test that day only had 2 questions with a scale of 100 points:

  1. Full name: ____________________ (1 point)

2. Which tire was the flat one ? (99 points)

  1. Left front tire
  2. Right front tire
  3. Left rear tire
  4. Right rear tire

What is the lesson here?

The lesson is drawn here, which is briefly and concisely described in this proverb “the die is cast”. Do you know why?

Because everyone is responsible for their own words and actions. It’s just sooner or later.

Dare to take responsibility is an extremely important factor to step out in life and into society. Because this is a factor that helps build trust with others.

Raising the sense of responsibility in the work of each officer and employee (Part 2)

Through this, Hao Phuong want to raise the sense of responsibility of each individual in an organization

The sense of responsibility comes from the self-consciousness of each person. Therefore, in order to raise a sense of responsibility, each individual should do these tasks:

– Complying with the rules and regulations of the company:

  • This is the compliance with standards, regulations, individual behaviors built by the organization. They are based on a solid foundation from legal foundations and social ethical standards.

– Work voluntarily:

  • which is you do not need to wait for supervision, reminder, or urge to be completed. But we must supervise ourselves, urge ourselves to do the job.
  • One of the results and also a sign of self-discipline is working conscientiously, carefully, thoughtfully, and completely.

– Work proactively, flexibly and creatively:

  • which is working without a rigid pattern but knowing how to respond flexibly according to the situation. We do not wait for work to do, but always have predictions, vision, and vision.

– Always do your best to successfully complete all the tasks assigned by the superiors.

– Having the spirit of contributing ideas, contributing efforts to superiors and colleagues voluntarily and voluntarily to contribute to building a better and better organization.

– There is a high spirit of cooperation in work with other members in the room.

– Do not blame or push the responsibility to others.

Raising the sense of responsibility in the work of each officer and employee (Part 2)

The first thing that leads to success is a sense of responsibility

Responsible living is not as difficult as people think it is. Become a more responsible person so that you can gain more trust and confidence from everyone.

Responsibility not only brings benefits in work but also in life. Responsible living also helps you to understand others better.

Do you always want to become a talented person? Or want to be a good leader? To be such a successful person, the first thing is to live responsibly.

Think together!