Proconco Can Tho Factory – Sign in the list of “Typical Projects” of Hao Phuong

Proconco Can Tho Factory - Sign in the list of

Proconco is the first foreign joint venture in the field of animal feed production in Vietnam. Established in 1991 between Vietnam and France with the brand of Con Cò. Currently, Proconco is one of the leading companies in animal, poultry, and aqua feed products in Vietnam and in the top 100 largest animal feed companies in the world.

After the fodder products for cattle and poultry have a foothold in the market, in 1997, Proconco Company continued to build an Aquatic feed production factory in Tra Noc Industrial Park (Can Tho City). This is also the first aquatic feed factory in Vietnam, bringing to market the product of floating fish bran and floating shrimp bran, contributing to promoting the industrial and aquaculture shrimp farming in Vietnam. After nearly 30 years of establishment and development, Proconco has achieved great achievements and is always in the top company of Animal Feed manufacturer in Vietnam.

8 years since Hao Phuong supplied electrical panel, control panel, SCADA system for Proconco Can Tho factory

About 8 years ago, in the young city of Can Tho in the Southwest region, Hao Phuong joined Proconco in supplying and integrating the electrical panel, control panel, Scada system for this large scale factory system.

Hao Phuong undertook excellent implementation and completion, bringing practical values ​​for quality, techniques, services, … to the project, helping the whole system to operate and produce stably. Over the years, promoting the development of Proconco Can Tho. At the same time, it is undeniable that the positive contributions of both Hao Phuong and Proconco contribute to socio-economic development.

After the implementation, this project has been listed in Hao Phuong’s “Typical Project” list. Mark one more project that Hao Phuong has successfully implemented with her own competence, responsibility and reputation. Not only Hao Phuong, but also Proconco is proud after 8 years when looking back.

Always putting the quality of each project in the first place, always taking the sacred mission of “Pioneering in solving challenges in the Industry 4.0 era” is the guideline for all actions, that’s all Hao Phuong towards and complete in the most perfect way. Therefore, as a member of Hao Phuong, we need to be responsible for contributing ourselves day by day to the development of the company in particular and the national development of the country!

Hao Phuong is an importer and distributor of industrial electrical equipment of major brands in the World. At the same time, Hao Phuong is also a leading contractor of the construction and industrial integration system in Vietnam.

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