Palletizing Robot – The choice to completely automate the palletizing process in production

Palletizing Robot – The choice to completely automate the palletizing process in production

Palletizing Robot is more than just the name of the robot arm use for palletizing. The palletizing robotic system includes in / out conveyor system, inspection, removal, safety fence, automatic pallet feeding system or sometimes including PE film wrapping machine, etc. Currently, the Robot Palletizer has become a perfect choice, helping to automate the packaging process in production completely, with practical benefits for businesses.

Why should we automate the palletizing process in production?

In the traditional stage of palletizing, people still have to perform heavy tasks that require a lot of manual labor or apply a manual bag packing system including Conveyors, lifting tables, connecting mechanical structures This takes up a lot of installation area, causing inconvenience, limiting the space of production places, operating facilities, etc.

At the same time, it leads to unstable productivity, unsatisfactory product quality, due to the cumbersome and complicated packing process, which takes a lot of time and space to arrange goods, but still has to pay the cost. large operating costs, labor costs and management costs.

=> The birth of the Palletizer robot has made great strides in the process of automating product packaging. Bringing practical benefits to businesses in bag packing with modern automation robot solutions such as Cost savings, space reduction, productivity improvement, product quality, etc.

Hao Phuong – A comprehensive provider of Robot Palletizing solutions

Hao Phuong is a pioneer with the mission: “Pioneer in solving challenges in the industrial age 4.0”, with 16 years of practical experience in the field. Hao Phuong constantly anticipates new technology trends, explores, learns, and comprehensively develops the Palletizing Robot system – The choice that helps to fully automate the palletizing stage in production.

Advantages of Robot Palletizing at Hao Phuong

– Operational efficiency: The robot arm can lift objects and products up to hundreds of kilograms.

– Space-saving: Robot Palletizer does not take up much space compared to conventional palletizing machines. Businesses can take advantage of the remaining space to use for other purposes.

– Save a lot of costs: Using the robot system to stack bags on pallets will help reduce labor costs, maintenance costs, invest in more technology, machines, …

– Stable frequency: The operating frequency of Robotic Palletizer meets stable operation, estimated up to 1000 times/hour.

– High accuracy: In addition to the operation efficiency, stable frequency, the robot is also guaranteed a repeat accuracy during operation of 0.06 mm.

– Meet almost any environment: The palletizing robot can work in all different environmental conditions of the factory, facility, etc.

In addition to the robot arm imported from advanced countries in the world such as Europe and the US, Japan, all the remaining components are processed domestically, ensuring effective investment costs. Therefore, Hao Phuong confidently brings to businesses and factories a modern, high-quality, productive and stable Robot Palletizing system. With the level of scientific and technical application, which has been vividly demonstrated through practical projects.