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Hao Phuong is the leading Fuji Electric inverter distributor in Vietnam. With many years of distribution experience, we have received a lot of interest, contacting orders and especially the questions about Fuji Frenic Ace inverter origin.

Hao Phuong would like to update the latest information about FRENIC ACE series inverter to help customers better understand the selection of inverter lines we distribute.

 Fuji Frenic-Ace Inverter 

About the Fuji Frenic Ace Inverter

The new inverter series has many oustanding features, which are highly competitive compared to the previous line of Frenic-Multi and will replace Frenic-Multi in the future.

Frenic-Ace inverter series are easy to use and widely used. With a wide range of capacity, flexible and multi-function, it can meet most industrial and global compatibility applications.

Information of product origin

FRENIC ACE inverter was previously produced in Japan, information is printed on the product stamp with the words “MADE IN JAPAN”, but now the inverter components are manufactured in Japan and assembled in Thailand with pine “Assembled in Thailand” printed on product stamps.

biến tần FRENIC ACE, ảnh 2

 Frenic-ACE “Made in Japan”  Inverter (Left) and “Assembled in Thailand” (right)

biến tần FRENIC ACE, ảnh 3 Frenic-Ace “Made in Japan” Inverter

biến tần FRENIC ACE, ảnh 4

 Frenic-Ace “Assembled in Thailand” Inverter

Strategy of Fuji Electric (Japan)

Along with the assembly in Thailand, Frenic Ace inverter also improved on the design: upgrade important parts and remove unnecessary details. That makes the inverter line price decrease much lower, not only bringing economic benefits but the quality is also raised.

Frenic-ACE inverter has a great competitive advantage compared to other products in the same segment.

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