Organizing a training sessions for production staff

On August 20, 2019, Production Department organized a professional training for all technical staff at Hao Phuong workshop.


The training helps production staff proficient use of tools; the operation of control cable presses, power cables, … In addition, the trainees were also instructed on the standard electrical cabinet manufacturing processes and product packaging.

Subjects: All technical connection technicians

Time: August 20, 2019

Content: theoretical training

All connecting staff will be trained on the following:

1. Introduce and guide the use of machines/tools – tools to be used in the process of manufacturing electrical cabinets.

2. Guidance on pressing control cable, dynamic cable; Manipulating heat shrink wrap; Manipulating screw connection and accompanying standards.

3. Overview of the manufacturing process of electrical cabinets from receipt to completion.

4. Instructions on the order of installation of electrical cabinets and standard conditions attached when installing electrical cabinets.

After completing the theory training, hopefully, the technicians Hao Phuong will know the contents from there to apply well in their work.