Notice of changing product code of Fuji Electric temperature controller PXF series

Dear Customer

First of all, Hao Phuong would like to thank you for has been using the company’s products and services.

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We would like to inform you about the changing the code of  PXF series Fuji Electric temperature controller for without-options model code .

The 11th code will be changed “Y” to “1”

thay đổi mã pxf

The modification limit will be deleted, the current “Y” code is not allowed to sell any additional options or change the relay output to another output.

relay thành đầu ra khác

Effective since FMT production in January 2018

+ New PO: please send new PO code “1” to replace “Y” at the 11th position

+ Open PO: We will ask to change to code “1” for the current open orders

Change appearance.
– CPU board: attach an optional board connection

Bo mạch CPU

Table of power supply: attach an electrolytic flask

Bảng nguồn điện

Modified points (PXF5 / PXF9).
– Related documents (TN5A2620b) / Page 107

The circuit for RS-485, DI1, DI2 is not on the optional board, but on the AI board
Adding the “M” “T” “G” “V” option in the 11th code does not apply due to hardware limitations

Điểm sửa đổi PXF5/PXF9

In the case of the 11th letter, there is no connection option on the CPU board. Therefore, it is not possible to modify “M” “T” “G” “V” to “H” “C” “U”

Modify the adjustment loader (Additional).
Adjustment loader has changed:
-Software name: PXFAdjLoader V1.1.9E
-Series applicable: PXF series (4/5/9)
-Adjustable loader can be used for current PXF series

Application date: from the date of the announcement

Thank you very much!