Notice of adjusting the latest price list of Hao Phuong in 2021

Notice of adjusting the latest price list of Hao Phuong in 2021

Starting from July 1, 2021, Hao Phuong officially applies a new price list for products and items that Hao Phuong is distributing. We look forward to receiving the companionship of our customers and partners uptill now.

Notice of price list adjustment in 2021

Dear: Customers, partners!

Hao Phuong sincerely thanks customers and partners for always accompanying, caring, trusting and supporting Hao Phuong’s products during the past time. Due to the sharp increase in input prices of products, Hao Phuong would like to send to our customers and partners the latest adjustments in the price list as follows:

  1. Changed content: Update prices and items Hao Phuong Joint Stock Company is distributing.
  2. Application period: From July 1, 2021, until further notice.

Note: For orders confirmed between the two parties before July 1, 2021, the old price list will still apply.

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If customers, partners have a support request or need to have any questions answered, please call us immediately via Hotline: 1800 6547 (toll-free 24/7). Hao Phuong will answer all your questions and assist you quickly!

Best regards!