Ngai Mee Factory (Binh Duong) – Hao Phuong’s first electrical system integration project

Ngai Mee Factory (Binh Duong) - Hao Phuong's first electrical system integration project

About Ngai Mee Group

Ngai Mee Group, established in 1955, has many years of experience and has grown into one of the region’s leading manufacturers of plastic composite packaging used for the packaging of food and other goods such as cosmetics, toilet paper, pharmaceuticals and preventive products, …

Currently, the Group has manufacturing plants in Malaysia (Senai), Indonesia (Jakarta), the Philippines (Manila) and Vietnam. Ngai Mee Binh Duong factory is one of two factories of this Group in Vietnam.

Hao Phuong guarantees all 3 goals: Quality, progress, and efficiency for Ngai Mee Binh Duong factory (the first project)

In 2005, Hao Phuong accompanied the investor to implement the Ngai Mee Binh Duong factory project in the supply of low-voltage switchgear, integration and installation for power distribution – This is the first project. firstly, Hao Phuong took steps to gradually become the leading system integrator in Vietnam.

With the consensus of each member of staff, workers, the combination of a team of trained young engineers and experienced engineers have supported and complemented each other to master the technique, master the technology, project management skills from planning, preparation,…. Along with choosing advanced technology and modern equipment. Therefore, the work stages in the project are planned and implemented in a methodical and smooth manner.

Overcoming all, the first project undertaken by Hao Phuong has been completed and is considered to be very successful. At the same time, Hao Phuong clearly shows his prestige right from this project when it ensures to achieve all 3 goals: Quality, progress and efficiency. That is a great pride.

A history of more than 15 years of development and a team of managers, engineers, construction supervision along with the application of advanced construction solutions, Hao Phuong’s brand name in the field of construction and completion works has been The market recorded through cooperation projects with many major partners. That is the premise for Hao Phuong to fulfill its mission of “Pioneering in solving the challenges in the era of Industry 4.0”.