New inverter Frenic Mega G2 is about to be launched by Fuji Electric in 2021

New inverter Frenic Mega G2 is about to be launched by Fuji Electric in 2021

In the coming months of 2021, Fuji Electric will officially launch the successor series of Frenic Mgea G1 – Frenic Mega G2 inverters with a series of breakthrough features, completely redesigned design, high efficiency and versatility. functions suitable for many different applications, most especially ensuring compatibility with the current G1 model.

What improvements does the new Frenic Mega G2 inverter have?

In order to easily grasp the improvements, upgrades, and new features of the Frenic Mega series of inverters, Hao Phuong has made an overview article about Fuji Electric’s new Frenic Mega G2‌ inverter series, to show many Upcoming upgrades and what you can expect from the device, when the official product is revealed by Fuji Electric with a specific launch time in 2021. Let’s look forward to this new product from Fuji Electric!

Upgraded features compared to the Frenic Mega G1 inverter series

– Enhanced torque/speed response when loading changes from 150ms to 90ms.

– Expand the model with an integrated braking transistor (inverter from 75kw back instead of 22kw like G1 series).

– PLC logic programming function from 10 steps to 260 steps.

– Increase the number of bridges to 44 pins using double-sided bolts.

– Working environment up to 55°C (G1 series only 50°C).

– Reinforced surface coating of control boards increases resistance.

– Heatsink meets IP55 standard (G1 series meets IP20 standard).

Several new features have been completed in the Frenic Mega G2 inverter

– Adds the ability to control synchronous motors, which can be used for all types of universal motors.

– Added precise position control function.

  • Automatically adjust PID parameters to optimize control, reduce system installation time, etc.

– Allows the motor to reverse when operating over-torque.

– Keypad owns a new design.

– Add the Vietnamese language.

– Built-in IGBT life warning feature.

– Added a warning feature to reduce the flow of cooling air.

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