Metro Hypermarket – Bring a hallmark of time, demonstrate the creativity in all activities of Hao Phuong

Metro Hypermarket - Bring a hallmark of time, demonstrate the creativity in all activities of Hao Phuong

About Metro Group:

Metro Cash & Carry is a German multinational wholesale chain owned by Metro AG, which operates not only member clubs across Europe, China, India, Japan and Pakistan.

Metro Group appeared in Vietnam in 2002 with the wholesale business. Right after entering the business in Vietnam, Metro has been known not only as a supplier of wholesale products and goods and also at competitive prices in the market. Owning a huge customer base and outstanding sales of goods, Metro Cash & Carry used to be the business segment that generated the most revenue for this German group.

Electrical and HVAC systems at Metro – Evidence for the creativity in all activities of Hao Phuong

The electrical system is always the central hub that supplies and controls the electrical system for equipment in stations, workshops, … And for an electrical system integrator: the construction and installation of HVAC systems for The project requires firm technology and high expertise. Hao Phuong is proud of himself as a professional system integrator, having a lot of experience and high technical expertise to do that. In 2012, Hao Phuong accompanied the investor, successfully executed the project of integrating electrical systems and HVAC for the Metro hypermarket. This is a large-scale project in good operation, all stages of management – construction design, construction, installation – operation of the electrical system, HVAC are undertaken by Hao Phuong.

The success of the project not only makes the country economically and socially developed, but it is considered a time-mark work, proving the creativity in labor and production of staff – workers. Hao Phuong’s staff => The cradle helps to improve and train highly qualified management teams, technical workers.

Each project, each work helps Hao Phuong to improve itself. Hao Phuong is confident to be able to undertake large-scale and complex projects, promote comprehensive development, towards the mission of “Pioneering in solving challenges in the era of Industry 4.0”.